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Chris reeve/ Nimravus sheath

Jan 16, 2001
i need some help here. i have what i believe is a chris reeve mountaineer II.... its the one with the 6 inch blade with the hand guard only on the blad side but not the top. Anyway, the sheath for it has no snaps, the knife just sits in the sheath.. anyway, its not very stable... is there a reason i should keep this sheath or should i find another? what are the benefits of both?

ALSO! another question is... i have a nimravus with the newer kydex sheath that has the snap and the kydex belt loop. anyway, after lots of carry... the screws holdign the belt loop to the sheath keep comming out.... ive used loc tite... but they still come out all the time when i carr it alot. its driving me crazy and ive torn the crap out of the screws from tightening them back... what should i do?
Regarding your CR blade: Call Chris Reeve and ask them about other available sheaths for your knife. I have a Shadow III and did not want the sheath that was advertised with it. I called and ordered the knife directly thru Chris Reeve, and they had a snap sheath available, but not pictured. Check their web site first to make sure your knife style number is correct.

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I can give you immediate relief from your Nimravus sheath problems..

You may also want to check with Murry @


He carries my Concealex for most CRKs and may have one in stock for you..

If not one can always be made..

Drop me a note,and have a look at my site..I have a couple pics of my Nimravus sheaths there...

None of my sheath have snaps or any of that nasty stuff..

Looking forward in hearing from you..



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