Chris Reeve Proect I/II Finish

May 18, 1999
I'm thinking about purchasing a Reeve
Project I or II, I've actually handled
some at some shows but I was wondering
how the Kalgard finish holds up?( I know the
same finish is used by Kimber and Wilson
handguns for any firearm affecinado's out
there! It's called KimPro and Armor-Tuff.)
Does it hold up well or does it scratch easily? What about rust? Any one with any
info sing out. Thanx in advance!
p.s. By the way this is a great site!

Somedays you eat the bear....somedays the bear
eats you.

I'm on the road right now so, 'net access is limited. The Kalgard finish holds up well. I have not had any complaints from my military customers and, they are pretty hard on knives. CRK will "recondition" your knife for a nominal fee if its ever needed so, I would not worry much about scuffing it up since you can always pretty it up again.

I sell CRK knives and have a full line of the One Piece in stock. Email me or call 940-241-1291 and I would be happy to discuss this with you real time any answer any question you might have.

Stay sharp,

The Project II we are testing these days is almost impossible to damage unless you want to destroy the finish.
Nut that would be sabotage.

IMHO The Project II is really the Mercedez of fixed blade.

I've had my Project 1 for around a year and a half now. I use it as a camp knife, for skinning gator, boar and shark(which are all I really hunt), and do my livesteel work with it.

The knife is very strong, cuts great, pierces real good(necceasry for aligator) and the kalgard holds up admirably against wood and cardboard and the like.

However, if you go digging with it(which is a GREAT way to dull a knife) you will find the kalgard strips off quite nicely. Likewise, mine has shown some wear from dispatching boar. I think it because they are filthy animals, and thus covered with dirt. Everyone I have ever known has reported scratches on their polished STEEL blades after sticking a boar. Again, I think it's the dirt. Also, if you drag the knife across cement or any other abrasive surface you'll lose some.

No, kalgard is not the most abrasion resistant material known to man. Under normal use you won't loose muck. Like I said wood and cardboard don't phaze it, you need an abrasive like dirt or rock. Beats the heck outa teflon or epoxy in my opinion.

That said, I just got my knife refinished. Cost twenty bucks for the round-trip. And I do mean refinished. I had several godd-sized scratches on the blade, when I got it back it looked like new. And boy was it SHARP!

When it's all said and done, there isn't another knife of it's type on the market that I'd rather own. They're a great chunk of steel, and unless you are more into what's trendy over what works, you'll love yours.