Chris Reeve Sable IV review request

Oct 6, 1998
Hi all, I was wondering if there has been a review on Chris Reeve's Sable IV one piece knife, the reason I like the model but onlyt hear people talking about mountaineer project I's etc.
Cheers, Bagheera

Is there nobody who can say something about the Sable IV ?

Any comments from (previous
) owners would be welcome. Best regards, Bagheera

Bagheera, I recently reviewed the knife but don't know how to put the review on this forum. I'm sending it to you privately.

Anyone wanting a copy, please post a request on this forum.

Ken Delavigne
What specifically are you looking for? The Sable has all the qualities the other one piece line is known for. Unfortunately, it seems to be over looked by most people. This knife carries a very good reputation from people who really use it. For a general utility, I think it is hard to beat. I like the 5 1/2 inch blade lengths (for a dedicated outdoor/woods knife 7 inch is preferred) offered in the spearpoint, clip point and, this version. For slicing cuts, the Sable is probably best for most users. If you want to pry ammo crates the spearpoint would be the preferred choice (and the one I sell to military folks most). The clip point is a classic that gives you a some belly, some piercing and, some strength (as you can tell I see it as sort of compromise, catch all format).

Stay Sharp,