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Chris Reeve Sebenza- Some ?s

Jun 20, 1999
For months now, I have heard praise for the Sebenza, and I don't doubt the remarks made. I was planning on purchasing a Spyderco Military and a Cold Steel fixed knife (maybe a Magnum Tanto). From Top of Texas Knives I would end up spending around $300 for this package. Would it be recommended to instead spend that $300 or so to buy a C.R. Sebenza. I know that this is repetitive seeing as how a similar topic was posted several days ago, but I had to ask.
You could not go wrong with choosing the Sebenza. And if you do not love the knife, they are one of the easiest to sell or trade, and retain their value. And remember, anything that you buy via mail order can be returned within thirty days for a full refund, so the most you risk is shipping charges.


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I'll second stjames' thoughts. Take the plunge, Soloman, the most it costs you if you really don't like the Sebenza is shipping. Go for it, bud!

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

The Sebenza is worth every penny, trust me you won't be sending it back!
Ahhh YES "The Sebenza" If you ever wanted to become one with your folder, this is a keeper!!It seems to have kharma...It makes you use it, Just be careful you will tend to fondle it relentlessly!!Try it, you will most likely keep it a looooong time..
Keep in mind that Sebenza in Zulu means "worker" and this knife is. It is NOT a tactical flavor of the day that you will flick all day long. In other words you can but won't want to deploy it quickly with a wrist snap or flick. The Sebenza is simply a damn strong (built like a tank), well designed, of top flight materials, hairy cutter that feels great in the hand.

So I take it Soloman that you are going to get the sebenza? Why have to mediocre knives when you can have the best. And to anyone one else out there thinking the same thing, hesitate no longer and get one!

Don't know that it would specifically be a Sebenza, but at $300, there are plenty of customs available, both fixed and folding.

If you've already got a few factory knives, and $300 in disposable income, it's definitely the right time to step up and get a knife that's been hand crafted. The Sebenza seems to be a very popular way for folks to make that step. Very few regret it.
Sol, a large Senebza is not going to do well at the kind of tasks that a Military and a large Tanto could cover but it is a fine knife. What to get largely depends on what you currently need.

I don't think I will be getting a large Senenza, not because its a bad knife but simply because I don't have any real use for that exact knife. With a folder of that size I would want a stronger blade so I would lean towards a MPF-Ti from Mission.

Now as for the small Sebenza then that is something I would definately want as an upgrade on my Calypso Jr. . I am currently trying to decide on getting either it or a Pack River folder which I will hopefully get sometime this fall.