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Chris Reeve Sebenza

Jul 14, 1999
I have the chance to buy a Sebenza at a good price, but havent seen any reviews on it. Can any of you Sebenza owners out there let me in on the scoop?

Don't waste your money... BTW, Who had that great price?!?!? Really though, great design and steel. I have the set (large, small and Umfaan) and they are sweet!
Rdbyrd, I see Les kicked you off of the custom forum. Don’t worry, you are welcome here with open arms. Since the search engine is down, I will send you here http://www.knifeforums.com/ubb/forumdisplay.cgi?action=topics&forum=The+Chris+Reeve+Knives+Forum&number=25 . Just set the Show Topic for the last year, and start looking at threads that might answer your questions. A wealth of information is at hand about the Sebenza and Chris Reeve Knives, truly the High End of Production Knives.

I too saw that Les had kicked you off the custom forum. It's just as well, as Sebenzas are probably better than 99.98% of "custom" folders anyway. You can check the lock test threads and see several cases of martial artists training with $400-$600 custom "tactical fighters", attempt a jabbing or thrusting motion and damn near cut their fingers off. This is (almost) physically impossible with a Sebenza. Further, I have never had a folder, and I have owned many that are considered very good to excellent, that didn't have play both laterally at the pivot and on the liner/tang. My Sebenza has NO PLAY at all. I am in the process of liquidating most of my collection of "tactical folders", now that I have a Sebenza, they are simply unnecessary.

Or maybe there are still some feelings of guilt over that Robar thing?

BTW: the one-piece range is spectacular as well.
I would go for it. I don't own one but have read a few reviews and it seems pretty sweet. It's on top of my wishlist!
First off, Les didn't kick him off the custom forum, it's just that the Sebenza is not a custom knife, and as such the Custom Knife Forum isn't the correct place for it's discussion.

Secondly, welcome to BladeForums.com, and I hope that you find the information that you need. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us.


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With most things, one should really handle one before buying. The Sebenza didn't do anything for me, either size small or large. CRK can be obstinate about some issues as well.

Save your money and buy a Spyderco Starmate.
I just received one today, I feel smarter,less fat and better looking and generally better liked by my fellow man! So, I guess they do a lot for me.
Hello RDbyrd,
If Spyderco quality is what you are looking for then by all means buy a starmate. If you are looking for a very high quality knife that many people feel is better than most "customs" then buy the Sebenza. Since I got mine I retired every other knife I own.

You will have two major problems with a Sebenza:

1. It will make every other folding knife you own look cheap, clunky, and obsolete! It is simply the best folder made today.

2. You won't be happy until you have ALL the Sebenzas (Small, Large, and Umfann).

If you can deal with these problems, then go ahead. You won't regret the purchase!
Go for it ! The sebenza is one of the best knives out there bar none and i own quite a few of the best custom's out there.You won't be dissapointed and if you don't like it there is always someone looking to pick one up at a good price.
I'll qualify that only slightly as there seems to be a "love it" (most of us) vs "take it or leave it" dichotomy, which is kind of interesting in itself. No one hates it.

To the extent that one can define types at least in my mind, the Sebenza is the ultimate *utility* folder. It is expensive by many standards, there are good knives for much less money, but none of them seem to have nearly the over all feel of inner strength (and I mean the knife, not the user) possessed by the Sebenza. Its a little like 4 wheel drive, a feeling difficult to describe, but definately noticible when you actually experience it.

People who are not looking for a basic utility geometry (for example they want a "fighter", or some other more radical shapes appeal to them) do not seem to fall in love with the Sebenza, though even they usually concede its over-all strengths within its type.
I was lucky enough to get to go to the Guild Show in New Orleans Friday as we live just outside that city. What a pleasure meeting all those guys that I have only read about all these years. Met Chris and Anne at the show and finally picked up a Sebenza while there. I can't say enough about this well made knife, at least nothing that hasen't already been said. Chris and Anne were most accomodating and answered all my questions. I got to handle all the major maker's knives at the show and found all were lacking in some respect, especially in the fit of the ones using liner locks. This accounts for almost all makers while some do have other means of locking the blade. None that I handled felt as tough and secure as the Sebenza. I will admit that I was specifically going to the show to handle and possibly buy the Sebenza but didn't get it until I had really looked over all that was avaliable. What a show. My friend, Charlie Dake was there and couldn't have any of his autos on display because the Guild doesn't allow display of any autos. Really bad for those wanting to see his double autos.

I could go on at length, it was kind of like those people who go to Hollywood and get awe struck at seeing all those stars. Only there weren't nearly a many kooky looking people at the show.

Get the Sebenza, you will not be sorry.

I bought a small Sebenza mostly because of all the positive reviews on this forum and because I liked it's looks. I had several liner locks (factory & custom) and really was not that impressed with any of them and did not consider any to really be "strong" in it's lock-up. I
The Sebenza is one tough folder and it's lock-up is superior to the liner locks IMHO. Also, it is smooth as silk. Being no fan of stainless steels the BG-42 has surprised me as to it's edge-holding and ease of sharpening plus it gets "scary" sharp, not quite like some of the tool steels, but verrry sharp.
I just recently bought the Mountaineer l mainly because I wanted to see what it was like...I'm not disappointed at all! It too, is one quality knife and is just made to be used. The edge geometry on CRK's is excellent and I've yet to see a company that can equal them in that department.
You won't regret buying the Sebenza!
I have only handled one and it was awesome. Also have seen very little bad press on this knife so it's near the top of my list. Hopefully there will be one under the Christmas tree...
can't say enough good things about the sebenza. I bought mine and I have retired all my other folders. By the way I have a crk project and it is just as good and had the same effect on my fixed blade field knives.
I'm a new Sebenza owner myself. I like this knife. Was it worth the $300 or so that you have to spend? Well that depends on if you are really going to use it. If so, then probably not, since you can buy some pretty good using knives for less than $100, Starmate, Genesis, Axis-lock. I don't think you will EVER wear any of these knives out, you will just have to lose them! So, if you are looking ONLY at cost, then of course, you are spending too much. But, if you plan on keeping this knife in a collection, then from what I've seen on this forum, it will hold its value well (even slightly used).

Now I must be honest: I own the large Sebenza and liked it so much that I will be receiving a small one next week. I'm also planning on buying a third in the near future. I went to the doctor about this and he said it was a common disorder. Sebenzitis.
BTW, there isn't a cure.

I am a new 'Benza owner too. I love them...I think the price could be dropped $50 or so, but otherwise they are great. It's definately worth the $325 for a large and even more. It actually has saved me money. Rather than buying a new knife every 2 - 3 weeks...I am satisfied with my Sebenza. Not much lives up to my standards now. I'd rather, now, have the large Sebenza than to have 4 Benchmades. -AR

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With the advent of the Sebenza, most knives just donnot offer the rugged usefulness this knife endures. Its smooth, secure, fast and tough!!
...As others said, once you own one, most feel its the one you've been searching for....Yes the price is steep, but its not out of line with the quality and materials used..an extremely high end production knife that you won't be afraid to use...I really like the tip up carry and the clip is perfect....While it may not be everyones flavor, I would be hardpressed to find a better knife at any price!!!
Carry it and use it......
Wow, $325 and it's not a "custom" knife? To bad! I'd go another hundred fifty bucks or so and get a custom knife. Check out Les Robertson's Custom Cutlery website!