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chris reeve sebenza


Dec 6, 1998
does anyone know of a maker that will build me a chris reeve sebenza with jerry busse's infi steel?i love the sebenza but want a better steel.they have to have the same or better quality as chris.i know i want the best of both worlds but what can i same can anyone help?

This is probably not a good idea, but you can ask Chris Reeve over at the KnifeForums. The integral lock is probably patented, I think...

Agree with excellent recommendation above. Ask CR directly; his wife Anne is a particularly nice lady, and will answer you courteously.

However, please advise what shortcomings you have encountered with BG-42 steel; I thought nearly all members were satisfied with its' performance. Thanks in advance for your info.

It occurs to me that a frame lock from Darrel Ralph, similar to the Apogee, might be as close as you can get to what you want. I have a custom from DR, with a Talonite blade, but the cost was roughly what two large plain 'Sebs sell for. However, if cost is truly not an object... Walt

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I posted a review of the Darrel Ralph Apogee in Knife Reviews a few weeks back:


Although I've only handled the small Sebenza, and only for a few minutes, it seems like the Sebenza and the Apogee share many features in common:

With both, you get the very solid titanium-handled integral lock, new innovative blade steels, and customer service backing by very courteous and friendly people.

However, if you want the Sebenza your way, it seems like there's not a great deal of flexibility beyond what is currently offered and tooled for market production. With Darrel, you can switch out blade steels, handle materials, opt for blade coatings, modify grinds, and all the other amenities associated with buying from an individual maker.

Just my thoughts.


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We don't even know what "INFI" is, why would you be so high on a steel that haen't been identified yet? The Sebenza has had great reviews, what would be the reason for any other type of steel. If it is for just the sole purpose of having it than you can do with your money as you please, however the Sebenza alone is probably more knife than most people can or are willing to destroy, handeled the way a knife should be.

Although the INFI has not been identified yet (Mr. Busse won't disclose it yet), we know that it's a good steel. I know it because I used my friends' BM, which is an excellent piece. But I agree, the Sebenza is more knife than people can destroy.

the sebenza might be more knife than most people can use but i want the infi for the same reason people buy expensive cars that do 200 mph. you might not ever go that fast but it is nice to know you can.

I just rechecked my numbers, and as of early this month, Darrel charges $475 for a 3.17" Talonite Apogee, and $600 for the 3.9" model.

Like Walt mentioned above, it's significantly more pricey than a stock "out of the box" Sebenza, but I suspect that getting another maker to grind out an INFI blade would cost a fair amount as well. Not to mention the trouble you may have should the knife ever need servicing.

You could also get Damasteel for the Apogee for the same price. The stock Apogee comes with CPM 420V steel, which many people acknowledge to have the potential for much higher edge holding versus BG-42 due to the allow content. I believe both Chris Reeve and Darrel do their heat-treating in-house to keep up standards.

If the cost for a Talonite Apogee is still too high, you might want to check if Darrel offers the Apogee without anodizing and engraving. Drop him an e-mail and he'll usually reply the same day.

Let us know how your search turns out.

i looked at ralphs knives and they dont look like they would be very good utility knives not enough belly in the blade.can he build me a sebenza?
Eli - IMO I seriously question whether you will get better edge retention performance from "infi steel" or Talonite over BG-42 the way Chris heat treats.
Dear fellow member eli; let us reconsider this request of yours one final time.

If you want a Sebenza with an INFI blade, then ASK CHRIS REEVE!! He is the only person who makes Sebs, OK?? I was just at the CR forum, and don't see your question there, so post it, OK? Don't be shy; I asked him to make up a Talonite one, and received a courteous reply advising me it was not possible.

If you want a custom knife made up by another knifemaker, then ask that knifemaker about the feasibility of your project. This is a custom knife, remember, so you can design the shape of the blade you want, within the parameters acceptable to the knifemaker. I suggested Darrel Ralph; other members may have other suggestions.

Further, you have not answered my query about your experiences with shortcomings of BG-42 which caused you to decide you must have INFI. Even if these shortcomings are from a theoretical aspect rather than a practical one, I would like to hear them.

In conclusion, if you wish your future posts to be considered with respect, I suggest that you:

First, at least make a token effort to follow the suggestions other posters make to assist you in resolving your problem. Especially before making further posts about your problem.

Second, answer, as well as you can, the questions posters ask of you, so that the uncertainty regarding the issues you bring up in your posts may be addressed, if not resolved.

These aren't my rules, or anyone else's, for that matter, just common sense and courtesy.

Hoping that you get your INFI Seb, I remain,

Respectfully yours, Walt Welch

At least witha 200mph car you know what you are getting just look under the hood. INFI is probably the real deal however how do you know that you are not paying for something that is already out there. I'm just saying soon the elusive INFI should be identified and we will know if it is that much different than what is already available. If you want to buy things sight unseen than I've got some ocean front property in Arizona.
i thank everyone for there help in this matter.i dont have a problem with bg-42 but infi is a better steel.mike turber himself (the owner of blade forums)has witnessed the edge holding ability of the infi steel.and it spanks any bg-42 d-2 or anything else out there.i simply want the best steel i can get.and yes i am asking chris reeve to build me the knife,but at this time he would rather use bg-42.Thats why i would like to know if another maker could build me a sebenza out of infi steel.i think the sebenza is a wonderful design and i want one in infi steel.why not have the best design in the best steel?
yes i have looked at darrel ralph knives .they look to me to be more of a tactical knife than a utility knife.i have written to darrl asking him if he can build a sebenza.again thank everyone for there comments.i dont know any other makers that make designs like chris thats why i am asking for your help.
yes infi is available to other makers.I spoke with jerry busse some time ago and he is sending some to microtech.i am having tony build me a knife aswell.so according to jerry busse the steel will be available.He did not say to who so i dont know if it will only be available to a select few makers

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eli; you little weasel!! <g> (<-- a term of respect in my family, usually applied to someone who has managed to pull off something and make the others jealous)

This is tremendous news! How the heck did you get Jerry Busse to tell you about this dissemination of INFI? Any idea as to price? Just FYI, if you are not aware of prices, CPM steels go for about $20-$30/ lb. or so, and Talonite (r) goes for $150 / lb. and up. There are some new Ti alloys which allegedly will run $500/lb. and up. I had heard rumors of MT and a very expensive alloy...

Also FYI, if you are depending on anything Mike Turber told you, seek additional data. Quickly (also a joke. Mike and I have been friends for a long time, and he is actually trustworthy and somewhat <bweg> knowledgeable. Just ask him <rbweg>.)

Eagerly awaiting your reply, I remain your respectful fellow poster,

Walt Welch
i have no idea of price.i simply called jerry and told him that i wanted microtech to make me a knife out of infi and he sent tony a piece of steel.jerry was very friendly and seamed to want to help in any way he could.i cant say enough good things about the man.tony at microtech told me it would take between 6 and 9 months to get a knife.jerry does not sell full sheets only his scraps.just big enough to make a folder you would have a hard time making a large knife.

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Give us an update after you receive your Sebenza w/INFI. It sounds like you are determined, that is a good thing, go with what you want. The Sebenza is a nice design and sounds like a good solid investment, who knows you may start something here. I'm always a little critical, when you have been ripped off enough and made some bad calls you tend to second guess everything. good luck.