Chris Reeves Knives

Anybody know about what the wait time on a Chris Reeves Project I is at, nowadays?

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Nov 30, 1998
Spoke with Anne last week and they had just finished a run of the ProjectI and still had a few left. I would e-mail her if you want one now and she will hold it for you.

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St. James,

I am hurt that you felt it necessary to make that comment.

Actually, I talked with Spark today and found out I can move threads.

I just have to leave a post stating such.

Ok, guys I am moving this thread to a more appropriate forum.

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Les, no offence. With all the discussion over locked threads lately I am glad to hear that you were able to shift this one accordingly. Such threads on your forum in the past have simply been shut down, and I just wanted to point the fellow in the right direction.

Not that it befronts me, but considering most "custom" knives are really just made according to the maker's whim and fancy and have little "custom tailoring" unless a piece is specialy commisioned, usualy for an ungodly sum, why is it that Reeve isn't considered custom?

I mean really, it's all just a cottage industry-type thing. Some things are cheaper to do in house than others; few people actualy mine and refine their own steels. Subcontracting makes htings more economicaly viable for all parties concerned.
Knife dealers who carry Chris Reeve don't offer discounts, but they're likely to have at least some of the models in stock with no waiting.

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