Christmas came early

Oct 1, 1999
For any of you that missed my original thread on “My First Custom Folder” you can read all about it here.

My knife arrived today from Gary Graley, and what a beauty it is. Everything I had heard about Art Washburn’s work is true, this guy really knows how to make a knife. Fit and finish is as nice as I’ve seen, grinds are perfect, smooth doesn’t do justice to the action on this knife. It doesn’t even need the Damascus thumb stud, you can wish this knife open. Thanks for the beautiful work Art.
Gary’s sheath hugs the knife, it’s not coming out until you want it. Thank you Gary.

Enough said for now, here she is.


Here hoping you all have a Knife Holiday Season.

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Congratulations Phil!!! That sure makes a Merry Christmas! I wonder what you'll be cutting tape and ribbons with on Monday morning...

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phill: That is beautiful ! one of these days i'll have a knife with Damascus steel. love that blade style...
Damn Phil that is one beautiful piece of artwork. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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Wow Phil, looks like it turned out very nicely. Enjoy using that baby!!!

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New photos added!!!
Two beauties there! Very nice!


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Glad to hear it arrived, been following it on the USPS delivery Confirmation dealy and saw it was delivered today....but you never know who really got it!!

Nice knife eh?

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Beautiful knife Phil! I've been drooling over Art's site ever since I saw the Ranchman he does with the mokume bolsters. Your blade is superb and the sheath is an incredible compliment!

Absolutely beautiful knife, Phil!!!
Hope you enjoy it!!!
Thanks for sharing the pics.
Art & Gary, nice job on the finished products!!!

Merry Christmas everyone.



Way to go Phil!

Art, Gary wonderful workmanship. Making stuff for Phil is probably the best advertising you could buy, and he pays You

She is a real beauty Phil!!! I am green with envy....
<------- See

A great design by Phil, superb craftsmanship from both Art and Gary = One SWEET blade/sheath combo!!!


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Making stuff for Phil is probably the best advertising you could buy, and he pays You


It also helps to have Phil set a thread on fire by posting about a dozen pics of the same knife in it.

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I think Para is trying to say I'm a 'showoff'. I admit it, it's true, but the real reason I posted was to encourage others to find a maker and have their own custom knife made. Someone posted recently that buying a production knife was like kissing your sister. There is something special about having a knife made just for you. Especialy if you're working with people like Art and Gary, they are KnifeKnuts to the core, and I know they did their work as if this were for themselves, not just someone they met over the Net.
Thanks to all who posted here. If any of you that just read this thread have gotten the idea to do something like this for yourselves, I'm happy, and I look forward to seeing your first customs.
Happy Holidays to all!