Christmas Greetings

Oct 5, 1998
Hi Folks

I'm finishing work in afew minutes for the duration so wont be able to log back on until January the 4th

Please find at the following url my Chritmas Card to all at Bladeforums

See you all in the new year

Happy Holidays to all of you from me, too!

Like bagman, I will be off these forums until sometime after the New Year! Can't play here on these forums when I am not at work.

Take care and hope everything goes well with all of you this Holiday Season. Hope Santa is good to you!

< Doug >

Knife Collectors are Sharp People!


My toast to you all:

Here’s to lying, stealing, cheating and drinking. When you lie, lie to save a friend. When you steal, steal a young girl’s heart. When you cheat, cheat death. And when you drink, drink with us, my friends!

Merry Christmas to all and to all,


Jim Six
Adventure, Intrigue & Cheap Thrills
well i just wrote out this long message saying thanks to all and the normal end of year Holiday stuff , i went to send it and i misspelled my user name i hit the back button and my whole message was gone! @#$%^*

So i will just leave at this happy happy joy joy to all


Gregg Lane
Laser sales,
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