Christmas Khukuri Party 2004 - cancelled

Oct 9, 2003
Sorry, I just dont have the money to come home this year.
But, in a way it's good. It means there is a much better chance that I could come home for the regular khonvention next year.
I have vacation time in April and August.
Is that possible, or has the 2005 Khon date been set already ?
Memorial Day 2005 - May 27th - 30th (gives most folks a 3 day weekend)

Show up on Friday, stay until Monday (official activities Sat morning to Sun night). Camping in the yard, meals out, pizza delivered, no beer until the blades are put up. This is if it's held at my place again...depends if we keep it to a small group. If a lot want to show up, we'll need to consider another location.
no sweat, DIJ.....catch ya next time around.
Something just occoured too me... Has anyone noticed how similar sounding Danny's initials DIJ are to Deedj, the young boy on Roseanne?:D ;)

Sorry you can't make it home for Christmas Danny, like you say, "Maybe next year."
You're experienceing one of those periods in life that pertain to my saiying of, "What are you willing to give up to get what you want."
Not always easy...
But almost always rewarding, sometimes in many ways.:D