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Christmas Tree

Aug 7, 2005
I look at the Christmas tree in the living room.
Soon we will have to put it in the garbage.
But it's too big.

How about cutting it in small pieces... will my khuk become sticky?

What do you think? Will your Christmas tree bring you a last moment of fun?
DO IT!!!... goo gone will get rid of any sticky residue :)
be sure to take pics :thumbup: :D
Khuks are made to cut. Yes, it will get sap on it. Oil or most solvents will take it off. Enjoy!
Wasn't able to take picture, but it was fun :)

I had to do it, new city rule: Christmas tree pieces must not be longer than 1 meter or they won't be collected with the trash.

Maybe some neighbors will ask me for some help.

I now know I must improve my chopping technique and put a better edge on my khuk. But I really felt the power of that thing. I have no problem believing that those knives can chop an arm or a leg.

Thanks Yangdu, thanks Bura.

I the used lestoy to clean the blade, 30 seconds later it was like a new one.
I had the gleeful experience of taking my tree to a depot, where there were about 20 other trees piled up waiting for the city's crew to get them the next day.

Had a khuk in the car ... didn't leave many intact. Practice makes perfect.