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Chrome Pocket Clips on Pocket Folders

Mar 6, 1999
I recently purchased a Velie SPYDERCO knife which has a shiny chrome pocket clip. In the space of 3 weeks I have had people ask, "what is that in your pocket"? Although I have luckily not had adverse reactions to me carrying the knife, I do not like the attention. I tried to contact SPYDERCO though e-mail, requesting to BUY a black replacement clip (as on large Calypso) with 3 black screws. SPYDERCO has not even answered my e-mail. I am disappointed at the lack of response / interest from a company who's products I have spent my money on.

1) Has anyone else had a problem with the "visibity" of a shiney pocket clip?

2) Has anyone else had a problem getting a reply from SPYDERCO?

I would appreciate feedback. I placed a similiar post in the "SYDERCO Forum"

Thank you.

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[This message has been edited by greenie (edited 27 July 1999).]
Clips are part of an evil plot to get us to lose our knives and buy more. Spyderco will no doubt be glad to sell you a black pocket clip so that when you drop your knife out of your pocket in the dark it will be even harder to find.

Spyderco is also proud of having help bring this wicked and costly developement to the cutlery market.

So why do they (SPYDERCO) not get back to me. As stated I will gladly BUY the clip and screws. I'm not looking for a freebie.

"Walk softly and carry a big stick"...TR

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Greenie - Spyderco is usually pretty good about responding. You might try again or give them a call? Black clips for the Viele shouldn't be a problem.
Have you asked Spyderco themselves? They do monitor their forum here, and the president of the company is their moderator.

Failing that, you could always call their 800 number as well and speak with customer service.


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This is a surprise, because Spyderco's normally the easiest to get a hold of out of any company I have dealt with, knives or otherwise. Try Danelle - not only is she on the boards most days, but her ICQ# is 30503103. You can also get her and others on the phone at 1-800-525-7770.

If you're still having troubles, drop me an email - I usually have some spare slightly worn black clips and screws that I could send you (though, to others, please don't take this as an open offer or I won't have any spares!)

FWIW, I don't have folks notice my knives very often, though I kinda wish they did. Due to the general legal confusion over whether a clipped knife is "concealed" or not, prefer a plainly visible clip, either polished or black with the yellow "bug." I even fill in the bugs on black clips with gold to make them stand out - it's really nifty. the only knife I've left "low profile" is the G-10 Civilian, my "unfriendly territory" knife.

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Setting aside the "are pocket clips good or bad?" argument for a moment (I think they have their appropriate times and places just like any knife feature, you can correct the visibility problem of yours in a number of ways. The clip could be blackened with one of those gun-blue or -black markers (available where firearms accessories are sold, and normally used to touch up surface scratches on a firearm). You could also try coating it in plasti-dip or a similar substance, if you don't mind making it grab more (I've heard of plasti-dip being recommended not only to increase pocket retention but to decrease scratching furniture as you get up or sit down with a knife clipped to your pocket).

I personally have owned knives with both stainless and black-coated pocket clips, and no one has ever asked me about what's in my pocket. As a knife person, I do notice when people around me are carrying knives in this way, but the question has never been posed to me. But then, I've never had anyone ask me about my EDI Genesis when I wear it on the front of my beltline in its Gary-Graley-custom-horizontal-leather sheath, and I would think that's far more noticeable.


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Carry the knife IWB, just to the right or left of the fly on your pants. If anyone asks what you're wearing there....
.... well, just ask them why they're staring at your crotch.

But seriously, if you wear a belt that has any shiny material on the buckle, the shiny clip gets lost in there. Plus, it is easy to access, even when you're sitting down, or in a car. I wouldn't think it would be too uncomfortable with a Viele; it's not too big.

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I had the same reaction when I saw the shiny chrome clip on my CF Cricket. I called Spyderco and they directed me to Ironstone (800)828-1925. I bought the small black clip and it fits the Cricket perfectly.

Danelle O'Shea of SPYDERCO Customer Service e-mailed and said she would send me a clip.

Thank you Danelle & SPYDERCO!

"Walk softly and carry a big stick"...TR

There, see? A little communication with the right people goes a long way.

BTW: All knife companies should provide customer based service as Spyderco does.

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My SW 1250Auto has a chrome clip on it. No one says anything about it. It doesnt bother me and no one says any thing about it to me.