Chrome Vanadium steel blades

Jan 10, 2008
Can someone give me some feedback on chrome vanadium steel blades. In particular, I am looking at a Case canoe, with that steel. Thanks.
Best steel Case makes, it is a high carbon steel, it is not stain resistant, will rust if abused and will develop a patina. Easy to sharpen and will take a razor sharp edge.

Go for it!
If I'm not mistaken, it's the same steel Camillus used on the old Beckers & that Cold Steel used on their U.S. made carbon V knives. I've read/heard that it's kind of like a "modified" 1095 steel, with slightly better edge holding capabilities. Toughness is real close, too.

I have not had a folder of any kind with that steel, but have had some FBs & I'm very happy with it.

FWIW, if rusting isn't an issue with you & where you live (Not much humidity where I live), people seem to favor the CV blades over the SS ones, but of course, there're far fewer models with that steel.
That's what I thought, but too inexperienced to trust myself. Thanks. Can't get enough of the canoe pattern.
Case "CV" steel is an alloy steel, non-stainless. It is not carbon steel, as it has small additions of Chromium and Vanadium, whence the name "CV". These additions to the alloy give improved properties to the steel. Those improved properties include finer grain size and improved uniformity in tempering. As a user, the finer grain size leads to the capability to take a very fine edge.

Case has never revealed the composition of CV steel. Based on edge retention testing I have performed, I do not think it is modified 1095, as it was out-performed by Buck 420HC in manila rope cutting. I suspect it is modified 1085 or 1075, but only Case knows for sure.

I find the Case CV steel takes a VERY fine edge with minimal effort. I also find that it holds an edge better than Case Tru-Sharp, though not as well as Buck 420HC.

For an EDC steel, it is excellent.
Can't miss an opportunity to post a picture of my Case CV Canoe. Can't tell you much about it, because I haven't used it. I do like the way it looks, though. The picture doesn't do it justice.

I havent had one in some time but an old Case knife I had was in CV . I thought it was excellent . I think it's sitting somewhere [ though probably buried if not found ] on the top of Rattlesnake Mountain near the NW corner of NJ just off the AT . That was last I saw it and thankfully I was taught that " one is none " because I had another 4 days out and it would have really sucked without a knife . Had my Old Timer Sharp Finger , which I still have . Anyway , I could get the Case knife super sharp and used it for all the things I didnt use the Sharp Finer for . Keep it oiled periodically and it wont rust out or get pitted
Case CV is very good, if your climate is not humide. Very easy to touch up, holding edge fine.
My CV Case Peanut is my everyday companion.
I wonder if the OP is still scanning this thread for info, or if he just bit the bullet and bought that... Never mind. I just looked back and saw that he did buy the knife.

I guess I could tell him a thing or two about CV, except he's had that knife for eight years now, and no doubt knows more than I do.