chronicaling my trip

Jan 3, 2001
I think I'll take a before/after picture of my newfound knife.

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Well! Where is it?

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What, the Recondo? You're going to post a pic of that?

Glad to hear you like your new knife, but I think pretty much everyone is familiar with it already.

Unless you're going to post pics of it with custom handle slabs or the like- don't bother.


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I was thinking more along the lines of a before picture when I take it out of the box. Then an after picture, after It finishes a year fishing in alaska.

just a thought.
That'd be pretty interesting to see.

It sounds like you'd require more of a utility oriented knife for that sort of duty, whereas the Recondo (I love that name, why didn't they just call it "super-secret-recon-ninja-seal"?
) appears to be a defensive knife. I read Mr. Mintin's review, and although it appears the Recondo did perform, I wonder if the "X-42" 's radical blade shape will become a liability rather than an asset.


Name's Ash......Housewares.

I was told that a good fixed blade w/ a synthetic sheath would be ideal. I agree, as I've heard stories of people on longliners being snagged and pulled overboard

Fear Is The Mind Killer
dameLara- you ever see the movie "the perfect storm"?
you should see it,tels you what NOT to do.
welcome to the forums.
Over the holidays TLC ran a program called "The Deadliest Job on the Planet" (or something like that)

It was crab fishing on the Bering sea.

I'd pack another smaller fixed blade as well.

Good luck, though.


Name's Ash......Housewares.
Hey Firebat,
I saw that program too.
What a description that they gave on what happens to you when they launch a cage/net and your foot gets tangled in the line & you get pulled overboard & the dragged down.
I don't remember the stats on how deep/how fast but damn that thing pulls so hard & fast that you head explodes and you are gasping for air & dead within seconds. Unbelievable!!!

I turned to the wife & said, "See, that's why I carry a knife."
Then it occured to me that with that kind of force & speed there is probably no way in hell that you could pull yourself down & cut the line beneath your foot!!
I mean come on!!!
Of coarse I would still have a knife & I would still try my a$$ off.
Picture that scenario while doing 60 mph(?) at 500+ ft.

DameLara.......Two things:
1.Keep your knife super sharp.
2.Good Luck to 'ya!!!!...You'll need it.

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