Chronicles of Riddick

Dec 2, 2004
Has anyone seen this movie? Knives are used a lot in this movie! Anyway, 3 stick out in my mind most, the "alien" one which is very "HOLLYWOOD" so very impractical. But there was 2 very simple looking knives that were used that actually seem to be very practical. Hard to put in a sheath probably, but very useable. The 2 i am talking about were a matching set just to let you know. Anyway, they looked a lot like the Nike swoosh symbol. That is the best way I can explain them. If anyone has seen this movie, what do you think?

Actually, I kind of like the pair he had in the very beginning of the film. The pair he used to take down the merc team, and slice that guys pant leg. Looked curved and nasty.

That was the knife I was referring to. Those seem to be pretty bad @$$.

Anyone know what and where to get that sword thing used by the wife to try and scare the "elemental" in the ship. It kind of resembled the Klingon "Batlif".

In one scene it appears that the prison guard that Riddick kills has a CS Recon Tanto.