Chuck Hawes Damascus drop point

Oct 4, 1998
Ok I have had the knife for 4days now and here is a mini review of the knife. I hope you like

Size ~8" OAL
4" Blade (measuring from guard)
192 Layer Random Pattern Damascus
Brass Guard
Samber Stag handle
With a mosaic pin in center of end of handle

Ok that is the stats now what I think of it.
The grind lines are perfect heck just to look at it it is all perfect.
Guard, solder joint handle fit.

Plus is feel very good in my hand.
I love the looks and feel. Now the cutting test.
I cut a lot of stuff before I started the test so I put a new edge on it.

I sharpened it at ~25deg to 600grit.
What I cut was cardboard, I cut About
200inches+ It would still cut but I was getting low on cardboard so I stopped.
I tryed to shave with the blade, it would take hair off leg (arms already bare
) but it pulled pretty bad.
Now I wanted to see how hard it would be to get back the edge I started with.

I had some cardboard that I rubed some Simichrome polish on the day before.
I stroped the blade on it about 12 times then I stroped it on dry (clean, new) cardboard another 12-15 times and it was just as sharp as when I started.

When I get a chance I will try other cutting test. But so far I am very much impressed with the blade.

Plus all that for a very low price of $150
Again I am very impressed with the blade.

-Greg Johnson

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Wow, damascus for that cheap!!! Is there anywhere I can find a picture of this knife? Where did you get yours from?

I got the knife at a local knife show. In Mount Vernon, IL

He is not on the web but I will see if I can get pic of knife and post them.

His address is

Chuck Hawes
P.O. Box 176
Weldon, IL 61882

-Greg Johnson

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I have pics available of some knives I have and have had of Chuck's. They are in ivory with scrimshaw. If you would like pics email me and I will be glad to send them.


I knew you would be very happy with the knife. Chuck sells a fair amount of the damascus that he makes to other makers. I see his name pop on in magazine articles when makers are asked who's damascus they use. He has some really wonderful patterns and loves and interesting challenge. You should have seen the full set of Samauri swords he made about 4 years ago!


Tom Carey

Congratulations on getting a good Knife!!

The Satisfaction from getting a knife and Proving its ability to yorself is one of the best ways to "Fall in Love" with your Blades.

The SLight "pulling " you refered to when Balding Areas on your Limbs, is Most likely the Result of the Damascus material itself.

Damamscus has more of a "TOOTHY" edge than
its Standard Steel counterparts, due to the Fact that it is comprised of 2 or more different Alloys, and when Hardened, the hardenable steel Presents itself more at the edge than the Softer material in the Mix.
Causing a Microscopic Jagged Cutting Surface.

anyway thats my thoughts on the matter.

Good luck with you New Damascus Blade.

Be sure to Use SENTRY Solution Products On it, to keep it looking Great with use.

Allen Blade
Sounds like that knife works pretty good.Chuck Hawes seems real proud of his useing damascus and really wants his knives to be used.My next knife purchase will be a Hawes folder with his damascus.
scott w