Cincinnati NKCA show... 3/9 - 3/11

Oct 5, 1998
Wanted to post this here to be sure all who are interested will have a chance to attend or to make sure they wont miss it all together.

The show was to be the weekend of March 23-25. The new Blade magazine still shows it as this date.

The show has been changed to this coming weekend...March 9-11.

Many of the people even in town here were not aware of this, so Id thought Id try to help to get the word out.

Take Care,

Keith D.Armacost
If At First You Don't Succeed,
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It's being held at the Convention Center in Newport. The Blade I just got actually has both sets of dates listed which is really confusing. I'll probably be there on Saturday so I'll look for you Keith. It would be cool to meet some other forumites too.