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    Dec 22, 2007
    About twelve years ago, in my earliest days of creating threads on Blade Forums, I started several threads that were in depth discussions on the subject of urban survival. Because while many of us like to study wilderness survival, most of us live and work in urbanized environments. Those older discussions were based me answering questions here on the forums with knowledge gained from my own experiences as an orphan growing up on the streets of Dallas, and being a kid raising other kids whose parents hadn't given them the sort of solid foundation my father had given me before his accident. And from years of observations working in the commercial construction and demolition industries, that had led to me working for RMJ Tactical for several years behind the scenes, helping them tweak their tomahawk designs for urban breaching and survival applications.

    Back in 2007 and 2008 I had talked about various resources, issues, and threats in an urbanized environment. But then in 2008 the housing bubble busted which had me hunting new work and kept me busy. Then in 2009, while conducting serious urban studies for classes and lectures I was doing to supplement my income, while I was out hitting the bricks looking for new work in a region where 10K people had just been laid off, I found myself in a clandestine war with a gang that used to plague our city and our local parks. In time, through my studies and my covert photography, I was able to help members of our local law enforcement agencies tend to that problem, and that gang is but a memory today. I celebrated us being ten years free of their presence in our park this past April.

    Recent discussions on wild edibles I started in the W&SS section led to some behind the scenes conversations with old friends who remember the old writings, and asked if I could put together some materials on urban foraging and urban hunter-gathering. That was the inspiration for the most recent article I wrote for the FF website, and this discussion I started today in the W&SS section, which also includes a link to that article.

    If any of you guys are into urban studies as well, as like I said most of us live in cities, I hope you chime in there.
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