Cleaning my E-1's lense?

Jan 11, 1999
Alright guys...we all have at least ONE of the E-series of the Sure Fire lights. My E-1 lense needs some cleaning. Somehow it has gotten dusty and when you shine it, you see little dust specs on the surface of the item being illuminated.

Is there a way to remove the lense to clean it? I can see when you remove the cap (as when you replace the battery) on the other side of the battery contact is probably the best way to access the lense. IS that true and if it is, how do you remove it without screwing the bulb alignment up?

Also, are there any "upgrades" on this light (ie lense, lamps, etc) that would increase the brightness?

Please advise.

SOMEBODY must have a clue! Anyone else have this problem? Pleas eadvise.

I take no responcibility for any accidents etc etc that happen because you attempt to do what I've done and outline below.

Personally, I would unscrew the Bezel, carefully remove the Lamp Module, and use a very steady hand insert a needle or similar wire with a very small bit (I'm talking less then a 1mm3) of blu-tac (or similar) on the end. I would very carefully very lightly touch the dust spec sticking it to the blu-tac and withdraw.
Sometimes I've had to bend the wire to reach the outer region of the lens, being very careful.

I would NEVER touch the reflector, and I avoid touching the inside of the lens at all costs. I sit at a well lit workbench looking through a magnifying lens.

Some people use compressed air to jet clean the inside of their Flashlights Bezels. Remembering make sure the can is not squirting propellant, and only air into the Bezel.

You may feel a free phone call to SureFire Customer Services could help...