Cleaning the blade.

Oct 4, 2000
Used my 18" AK to separate the legs from a couple of deer carcases. (No, not chopping!) The blade worked nicely in gently doing the job. Of course, after raw venison on the "unstainless" steel blades there is some discoloration. Some would say "patina", others would call it the beginning of "rusting out".

Out of curiosity, I used some cleaning cream for "Smooth Top Ranges". Slick and easy, even effortless! The contents are listed as: silica, isopropyl alcohol and detergents.

Just thought you might want to know.

Best Regards,
Rev. George
Thanks for the tip, George.


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Thanks George!!
May I as if the product kept the highly polished finish intact?


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On a similar note, I found Turtle Wax Bug and Tar (and Tree Sap) remover to work great to clean the blade of my 15" AK after trimming trees in the yard. Sap can be difficult to get off a blade and this product works well. Of course you must oil the blade after cleaning it.
Don't feel bad Unc. I hadn't seen him before either. Welcome to the Cantina and pull a chair up next to the wood stove.
Hey Uncle Bill. I am not from Laredo now, but I started my Customs career on the two international bridges checking cars and baggage. I spent two years there and it is a tough place to work with high temperatures, long hours and rotating shifts. Now, I know I will take a lot of heat since I am a member of the group that sometimes detains imports (even imported khukuris), but on occasion that is part of the job. I hope that you have been treated professionally by U.S. Customs in your dealings with them. I purchased a 15" Ang Khola from you about a month ago. I never talked to you on the phone, because we did everything by e-mail. I am very happy with the khukuri and you patiently answered all my questions. Thanks again for your help.