Cleaning the Sharpmaker??

I thought the instructions that came with my 204 said to just scrub 'em with some Comet (or some other abrasive cleanser) and a nylon scouring cloth/pad of some sort.

They didn't seem to need a lot of special care. That's how I cleaned mine and it seemed to work OK.
I use a rubber eraser type of cleaner on my stones and it works great. It's dry and works on the edges as well as the flat sides.
I bought mine from Knives Plus in Amarillo for about 3.00. 1-800-687-6202. It works real well on hard to sharpen blades,you can clean in between strokes so the edge goes on very fast.

The fastest way I've found is with some kind of steel wool pad with detergent in it, like brillo or SOS. No, using the steel wool pad does not re-clog the stone. I can definitively say that using Brillo works faster than using comet+nylon pad.

I have also switched from Comet to S.O.S. pads. Works very well. One of these days I'll try the eraser thing.