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Cliff: As long as you're testing a Livesay...

Apr 29, 2000
I know that there has already been so much said about the Battle Mistress/Basic #9 vs. the Trailmaster, but what about the Livesay HKR vs. the Trailmaster. Lynn always seems to griping about apples and oranges, that the Busse and the Trailmaster are desiged for different things. Well the HKR's design is so similiar to the Trailmaster that maybe it would be a better test. Plus I'm such a Livesay fan I'd just like to see more of his knives reviewed.
An HKR review would be great!
Also, what ever happened with the RCM?
Were the ?'s answered privately & not posted on Newt's forum?
Inquiring minds...
OOOPPS! Saw my answer further down the page!

Ebbtide out.

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The HKR certainly looks like an interesting blade. The handle specifically looks very nice, but that can be hard to judge from a picture. However I don't have any plans to purchase one for the time being.