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Aug 11, 1999
i havent said anything about lynn or his knives since this all started here! polute this pal......(_|_)

you better learn to read better cliff!
Cliff, I have to agree with Hermanknives and TomW on this one. They did not say anything derogatory. In fact Hermanknives even mentioned how he did not get involved in this one. TomW seemed to want more info on the performance of the serrations.

It seems like the only derogatory comment was from STIHL. It definitely had me laughing though. I'm sorry, but it was funny. In any case, this thread did not seem so bad compared to others in the past.
I certainly never seen anything from Tim Herman in these recent threads, in fact astonishingly so! I think tim is being unfairly judged here. I dont agree with the treatment Lynn has been recieving either. Judging knives is one thing, judging Tim, Tom and Lynn is another. Moderators are supposed to be moderate! My last post on the subject, anyone who wants more can e-mail me.

I don't see MR Herman anywhere in the Lynn saga. The whole thing would have been over a long time ago if the Lynn fanatics just chalked it off to a bad knife and left it at that. Attack a person and they fight back.
I saw nothing to dispute the flaws in the knives mentioned. Seems hype can't exist in the face of facts and that angers people.
If you want to discuss a choice by all means do so, email would be a good choice, but the forums are available - however try to constrain it to one thread. The one I started would be a logical choice.

Not open for further replies.