Cliff, I've got yet another question for you.

Aug 15, 2000
Cliff, I believe you did a test a while back concerning various blade treatments (ie, Tuff Cloth, White Lightning, etc.). to see which one held out the longest before rusting. I'd like to know the result again. (My memory tells me that they all behaved the same).
BUT what I'd really like to know are the adhesion properties of these. ie, which one of these stays on the best after use.

thanks again.

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I think the test is on hold because it's too cold for ANYTHING to rust up in NF this time of year


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Coatings like Marine Tuf Cloth, White Lightning , Rust Check etc., all held up very well in terms of resisting corrosion when not in use. Several times I would coated various pieces of mild steel or iron and left them outside in the rain and snow. They would all go for many days even weeks with no rusting and after that they would gradually start to spot.

There was some difference in how long each would last (I had to go check what I had recorded) and I would give the edge to White Lightning over Marine Tuf Cloth. However this performance difference is not great you are talking about days out of weeks. I should actually check and see how long Mineral oil lasts in the same work.

However if you are actually using the blades then nothing I have used does anything at all. After just a few minutes work then blades rust just as readily as if they had no coating on them at all.

Note however that Mark Mrozek, President of Sentry Solutions Ltd says that what I describe is not the expected behavior of Marine Tuf Cloth and claims that even the regular Tuf-Cloth can hold up to weeks of steady use.

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