clip blackening

Some spyderco's have the option of a stainless or a black clip (Wayne Goddard for instance)

You can color it black using a marker and then cover it with some kind of transparent glue..

It will usually much easier to get another folder with a black clip...

if you do find a better way - tell us - I'd like to have my Sere 2000 with a black clip...

Black heat-shrink tubing from an electronics store.

Cuts down on abrasion of the pocket also.
Buy a can of the matte black Brownell's aerosol baking laquer. I have a Marlin 336CS finished with it and it works great. Easy to use. Priced around $8 a can, but you could do about a hundred clips
. Works far better than spray paint.
I'll advise agains the heat bluing method. Heating the steel and then quenching it is most likely going to destroy the temper.
The clip is after all, spring steel, and temper is a delicate matter for such. You might get lucky, but most likely you'll just ruin the clip.

Try the Brownell's lacquer.

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Okay, I have some clips on the way, so if the baking laquer works well everyone will know when I get them done.

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