Clip-point, Japanese-made CRKT KISS

Feb 18, 1999
I currently have the familiar tanto version. I've seen the new clip point version but would like to know if anyone owns and has used one and what they think.
I personally like the KISS, only I find for myself the tanto version doesn't allow me to do precise, straight cuts. I was thinking maybe the clip point/different grind might make a difference.
I have:

Stiff KISS
"Classic" KISS (clip point)

I also handled all the other models at the Japanese knife show. I'll be getting the Bear Claw and some others later.

I wear one of the neck knives at all times. All are sharp as the proverbial razor. I have very fine hair on my arm and back of my hand. No problem. Taking edges and corners off paper. No problem. Only the tanto tip of the Stiff KISS is a hassle to sharpen. The Neck PECK is a double, double bevel flat grind.

The tanto blade of the original KISS also "feels" thicker and not as sharp as my "Classic" KISS. The thinner edge with hollow grind allows me more control than with the tanto tip of my Stiff KISS, and seems to keep an edge longer, but it's still a single grind. Perhaps one of their other all-metal models, like the M-16 or Mirage Grey Ghost would be more to your liking.

Since the forum complaints this week, I can see how the KISS lock will not hold up under any counter-clockwise blade twisting, but I still love them, and will get more. Since I bought it direct from the distributor, I was able to hand select the knife with the best lock.

Eric Takabayashi
Fukuyama, Japan
Thanks for the description.

I got myself a new "Classic"? clip-point KISS folder today. Oddly enough, the lockup seems somewhat stronger and more rigid than the original tanto KISS. I'm not sure if the steel is AUS 6 or AUS 8, but, although it's also chisel-ground, however, I like the hollow chisel grind. The edge geometry is thinner and less abrupt than the original. The clip point cuts a bit more easily (more control), and feels more natural. I agree it's certainly best to avoid doing any twisting with these knives in order to avoid lock failure.

It's a nice money clip/small pocket knife/backup utility blade, and should be okay for most in-country airline travel.
Glad you like it.

Upon further playing with my knives this weekend, particularly the three hours I spent today cutting paper, my Stiff KISS is my new favorite CRKT knife. I finally had to resharpen my "Classic" (that's what the online dealer calls the "new" clip point) KISS, and am not pleased with the result. More experimentation with sharpening angle and cutting are necessary. Oh, darn.

Eric Takabayashi
Fukuyama, Japan