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Clipless--Hate the Sheath.

May 1, 1999
I absolutely love the Gerber Applegate Combat Folder, but it does NOT have a clip! I carry a knife for self-defense, and I prefer the feel (and the size) of the Combat Folder to the smaller Covert (which has a clip). The representative at Gerber reprimanded me for even suggesting that I screw one in there because it would void the warranty. Not knowing too much about the liners (in the Combat Folder) and the safety of installing a clip (without damaging the knife) how would I go about getting it clipped?

Mighty Jessit.
The things we do for the knives we love.
I’ll be anxiously monitoring the replies.

I have a similar desire to add a clip to an old style large Vaquero. On my 4:30 am jogs I have noticed some large dogs, and some unsavory business activity. The little Delica clipped to my waistband is starting to seem pretty small. Since I don’t carry any money or wallet, I do have my own canine accompaniment, and I don’t like to run loaded down, I have decided against packing a gun on my runs. (Kind of a crude cost/benefit analysis.) But I would like to figure out how to clip that light little Vaquero to my running shorts.

By the way, Mighty Jessit, it might be worth your while to run your folder through the liner lock tests in the FAQ at www.bladeforums.com/features/faqllock.html , if you haven’t already.

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I have done this operation to my old style VG...it ain't easy ,and it ain't for the mechanically uninclined. I will try to go about this i nthe most easy to understand manner as possible, but keep in mind that what I did was pretty tedious, and probably a little bit anal.

First things first, you will need to get a replacement clip, I know DK sells them for Benchmades...ditch the obnoxios little t-6 screws....I hate them..you can keep them, I just prefer to hate them...

You will need ferrules that are already threaded.. I used the oned that were embedded into the sheath of my Stiff KISS. Removal involved patrially threading a screw into the ferrule, and heating it up with my soldering iron till the plastic around it was melting. Then I used a pair of pliars to pull out the screw ferrule together. I repeated this till I got all of them out of the sheath..the sheath looks a little messy, but I carry it under my shirt anyways..

Clean off the ferrules, there will be alot of plastic stuck to them and it needs to be removed..just scrape them off with a utility knife..

You will need two drill bits..One small enough to go through the screw holes in the clip, and another that is the size of the ferrules...there is a ridge around the ferrule that is ment to keep the ferrule from being pulled out. you do not want the drill bit to be that big....it should be the size of the rest of the ferrule, about 1/8".

Figger out about where you want the clip to be. I taped the clip into place so it wouldn't run around too much on me, and use the small drill to drill the middle hole..I wrapped a little tape around the drill bit so I wouldn't drill to far. remove the clip, and break out the larger drill bit. drill out the hole to the larger size. Set the base of the ferrule into the hole, it should go down into it up to itsfriction ridge and use the soldering iron to heat the ferrule up andcoax it into the hole. (suggestion, I found that air pressure built up in the botton of the hole so what I did was grinda flat spot on part of the friction ridgeto let air pass by, thus keepingthe thing from popping back up while the plastic was still hot.)

Once you have the ferrule in place, screw on the clip, I used the screws that came with the Stiff Kiss to do this. Mark the other two holes and drill them out and repeat the process of inserting the ferrules with the soldering iron. there may be some excess plastic left on the surface, scrape it off with the utility knife...Voila!!! we have clippage...

I am sure that there is an easier way, I guess if you want to you could just drill holes and use small wood/plastic screws, but I didn't like the sounds of doing that because I figgered they would pull out too easily...I got my clip from my ill fated CRKT Apache (JUNK)...

Any questions? You could always send me a clip, sheath from a Stiff KISS and your knives (and a small fee of course)...
....I should try and find a source for the ferrule thingies...but I work with what I have on hand...this tecniqu works only for zytel and other plastic handles. working with liners and g10 would probaably be easier, just drill and tap the little holes..

Thanks Yekim.

I’m not sure I have quite the same assortment of spare parts. I’ll stop by the hardware store this evening and see what I can round up. I do have a replacement Spyderco Provenator (sp?) clip. If I can’t find appropriate screws and ferrules I may try screwing it directly into the handle, with some epoxy to keep things tight.
I recieved a Combat Folder as a gift about three years ago. Wished it had a clip as the pouch was too big a got in the way. I made a kydex IWB sheath. It works vert well. Bill Boyd It works very well. I don't know what vert means.

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Well, I put the clip onto my Vaquero. I had to put it on the pivot end in order to get the knife to set deeply in my waistband. The handle shape would not allow clip placement on the other end without tilting the clip.

I looked for little screws and ferrules at the hardware store, but couldn’t find any. Finally I got the little (6mm) screws from an eyeglasses repair kit. Then I used a Dremel tool with a small sphere on the end to drill three little holes in the handle. Next I put a big glob of epoxy over the holes, positioned the clip, and gently beat the little screws into the holes with a big hammer. Then I put a glob of epoxy over the top of the clip and the screw heads, and let it set up for 24 hours.

The clip seems quite strong, although I don’t think I’ll Vaquero clip-wrestle with YeK. I went running this morning with the knife clipped to my waistband in a SOB carry. The knife felt secure in its place.
I have my clip in the non-pivot end. it is mounted right underneath the lanyard hole, and a bit does stich out of my pocket, but nt enough to worry about. Then again, alot of people here carry knives, so it isn't a big deal to see one. it is virtuallt invisable in IWB carry and the 7/8" or so it sticks out of my pocket or waistband offers a secure grip for drawing (the infamous draw-¡Klack! maneuver

You are on your way Howard...now all you need to do is the Jim March CS speed grind and to dremel away those Darn Micro Serrations(DMS...CS knives suffer from DMS), and you will be set..(picture a bread knife's serrations, then picture every other serration about 1/16" deeper than the others...that is about what my VG's serrations look like...IT sharpens easy and cuts pretty darn well.


The serrations are already long gone. I like plain edges.

I considered a mount on the other end. Indeed, I prefer tip-up carry. But I would rather have it ride low.

I think I’ll keep the speed bump. It doesn’t slow my style of opening, and I don’t want that big blade closing on my fingers. (That is unless you guys can convince me that removing the bump has some great advantages. I’ll consider anything. After all, 10 fingers are a little redundant, don’t you think?)
That sort of joking about fingers seems a bit CRUEL on this sort of forum, eh?
I've had some bad experiences, but that is another thread...

Yekim or Howard Wallace, how would I modify your surgical-like procedure to fit my situation (the Combat Folder)... or is it even possible? Thanks for the help.

Mighty Jessit.
The things we do for the knives we love.
I have clipped several for customers using Benchmade clips and #2-1/4" self tapping screws in #48 holes. The screws are Walthers Miniature Hardware 947-1190 available at hobby shops. They are used for HO train trucks.

another option is the Kydex form fitting sheath that I sell for the Applegate. $20. delivered.

Mighty Jessit,

I just ran across a thread on attaching clips at http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum12/HTML/000437.html . You might want to check it out and ask the question there. It sounds as if some of those guys have considerable experience adding clips. They are just starting to discuss the possibility of using adhesives alone.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a combat folder, and so can’t go into any more detail on that particular knife.
Please tell us more about your Kydex sheath for the AF. Is it an IWB or belt carried model? etc.

The AF Kydex rig that I sell is belt supported and designed so that you can attach it without removing your belt.

Thanks gohmer
The lock mods are a personal preference...they work, and the knife does not have the tendency to klack down on my precious fingers. The way mine ended up, there is little resistance as the knife is baing opened, but there is a more noticable pause when being closed. I might have been lucky when I did it to get that effect, but oh well.

As far as the serrations go...I would LOVE to see a plain edge version available...it would make a great kitchen/camp cooking knife. Mine is pretty good in the kitchen as it is but it tends to want to wanter because of the "one-sidedness" of the serrations. Carrots easily succumb to my wrath, but potatoes put up a bit more of a fight..

But then again, I really like how mine turned out..one of these days I might get around to posting a pic...Nasty serrations and all...

Re: Dremel CS stop notch mod, my experience was the same as Yekim's
...there is little resistance as the knife is being opened, but there is a more noticable pause when being closed.
This represented a major improvement on my Gunsite. I can now start the opening motion with the thumb stud & complete it with a wrist snap. Prior to the mod, I'd generally have to reposition my hand to use the stud all the way. Also, snapping it open was out of the question -- it had required so much force that I was afraid it would go flying away from me. Of course, YMMV.

Thanks YeK and Brian, for sharing your experience with the notch modification. I had imagined the blade flopping easily in both directions. The way you have described the effect of the modification makes it seem worth investigating. I just sent Jim March an e-mail requesting his drawings.

In your experiences, after the modification, does the blade still snap securely closed, or could the tip slightly open out of the handle while in the pocket?

And Yek, a plain edged version is available. It’s no further away than your Dremel tool.
I know there is a considerable size difference but the Hombre and the new Lobo are both available with plain edges. Also, although a different design I think the plain edge Scimitar looks promising although I haven't actually handled one.


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I just happen to have the Gunsite handy.
As you'll see from Jim's drawings, the widened stop notch does not affect the knife staying closed. It's difficult to measure precisely but it looks like there is 3/8" or so between the notch & back spring.

BTW, I finished the operation by using one of the thin round Dremel stones to smooth out the notch.

My Method for notch removal was to use a fiberglass reinforced cutting heel to do the bulk of the metal removal, then to finish up with a peice od 1/8" steel wrapped in sandpaper to get a smooth finish. Worked out well..

There's also a guy that hangs out mostly over in the Spyderco Forum, Mike Sastre, IIRC, that does kydex rigs for knives. I have seen several pictures of rigs on the belt, around the neck, etc, for Enduras, Delicas, Militaries, and I THINK even a VG. Also, I've seen a method of neck carry where an EXTRA LONG length of ope/string/paracord is looped around the back of the neck, normally, then passed through the sheath, then the rest of the cord taken around the back. I can't describe it well, and have no idea of where to send you to look at the picture. Anyway, it would be another option, especially for the GACF that doesn't have a clip. FWIW....


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