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Clips are destroying my pockets!!!

Apr 15, 1999
Does anyone else have this problem? I am evaluating knives for a gentleman's folder but right now, I carry a CS Med. Voyager Tanto because it still locks up tight and I wouldn't cry (sniffle maybe) if I lost or broke it. However, this knife is eroding the bottom edge of all of my pockets. If these were jeans, I really wouldn't care, but these are dress pants and if I have to replace them every few months, I have to purchase fewer knives. I'm thinking metal clip with metal handle (perhaps Timberline Special Services?). What do you think?
I replaced my last "jeans rotation" due to the exact same problem. At the rate I'm unclipping and clipping my knives from my pockets, I'm afraid this rotation may only last a few months too. Sigh.... The price we knife knuts pay for our hobby.


Deo Vindice

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I had a similar thread awhile ago. The only solution I've found was to buy a Dozier K-1 General Utility, and depend on the Kydex. It works for me, but I live in a semiRural area, and knives are not a really scary thing to most coworkers and locals. Otherwise, find pants that you like, buy lots at a discount, and don't gain weight.

Lose the clips. Get sheathes for your large knives and drop the small ones in your pocket.

Come to the dark side...save your clothes and stop losing knives

I carry on my waistband, at my right kidney. I find it more comfortable than pocket carry, and I haven't noticed problems.

Joe I bet that you are a slim fellow and not one of us fat boys with the dunlap syndrum, hahaha.
Chirs, www.toptexknives.com

I carry IWB every day in suit pants and all that seems to happen is that my waist band gets wrinkled where the clip goes but I have not noticed any damage.

I do however get damage to my belts where the clip rubs against the bsack of them. All my belts are quality pistol type belts and I find that the finish (on solid leather) and the stitching get worn away. The stitching on suade lined belts seems to get worn away even quicker, I guess becasue the material protecting them is softer.

I have had a case of the clothes fighting back. One of my first quality folders a few years ago was a Spyderco Pro Venator with the rubber insert on the clip.

Over about 18 months of every day carry and use my jeans wore through the rubber insert on the inside of the clip and caused the rubber bit to fall out.

I managed to get the UK distibutor to post me a plain metal clip and it woked just fine.

Harvey Wareham

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As one who was, until recently, a "large mammal," I can say that an IWB carry behind either kidney is comfortable and practical. I've frequently carried a Spyderco Endura clipped in my waistband oriented above my right back pocket, where it sits above my wallet. No problems, even in dress pants -- and the knife is less visible than clipped to the pocket, especially if you hide the clip behind your belt.

The combination of the metal clip and new handle surface on the Spyderco Delica/Endura 98 is much more abrasive on pants pockets than older models.

I used a Dremel tool to smooth the surface under the clip. Grip isn't compromised, retention is the same, and pocket wear dropped considerably.

I can vouch for the IWB carry, but I might have a slight advantage over most...There is a Kel-Tec shaped depression over my right hip from years of carrying it...and a good callous built up as well...I don't notice my VG when I carry it over my hip......

On another note, I have never had any problems with wear on my jeans from pocket clips, save for the clip on the back of tape measures. From what I observed, the pape measure's wera was from the lip of the clip draggin as it is being clipped on. a little bending prevented further wear. Another possibility is that the knive moves side to side from body movement. If this is the case, you should put on a couple of pounds so your waist will migrate down a few inches, and hopefully you will be able to position your knife pocket in a place where it does not move as much from daily activities.

A third possibility, mentioned earlier, and I have to remention it because of the possibility of using a Dremel, is to smooth the clip edges. My suggestion is to remove the clip, and use the "grey eraser" poloshing wheel to deburr and round the edges of the clip's underside.


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Nietzsche is dead. -God
Hip carry works! Although it is a bit tuff to put the knife back after use, as opposed to pocket carry. But you will hardly notice its there. ITS VERY COMFORTABLE! You can also overlap your shirt and its almost invisible, clipped under your belt, if you wear a belt.
Actually I've never had a problem wearing out pants cause of a knife clipped in the right pocket? Are your clips sharp and tight?
Hi everyone out there with ripped pockets from the folders. Check out my site at [www.nesdi.com] for your solution. They at first look like they are awkward, but believe me they are fast with vwery little practice. You can also get them for you lefties out there. Need belt width and a few more criteria, and they can be shipped to you asap.I have a patent on these at the present time. I had the same necessity as you and developed this system for concealed carry without worrying about the pants, and noone sees a clip to tell you have a knife either.Comments??? Suggestions??--ask Brownie
I carry my Crawford Kasper in an "Inside Pocket Knife Holster" from www.magills.com for $29.95. Their phone number is 800-601-8273. They'll send you a free catalog if a picture of the holster isn't on their website.

Jim Six carries his knives in an Uncle Mike no. 2 pocket holster. It costs around $10.


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Till you can't see your feet...LOL

We can wear those big oversized rapper pants and let em droop(no belts)..Doesn't help when you have to do tactical running away
... This does stretch the arms over time when reaching for our clip its

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