I just looked at the back of one of my Elishewitz's, and the clip says "Benchmade".

I suppose you could contact them and see if they'll sell clips to you. Their website's at:

Good luck!

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?
Reeses Weiland sells those wire clips, I think.

And Spyderco sells their clip.

And Halpern Titanium sells blanks.

I replaced the clip on my Stryker with one from Halpern. It is very strong and holds the knife well. Even when clipping it over something thick, it wont "bend out"!
Look in the Thomas Register. Maybe under handbag hardware/ metal stamping or you can let them do a search for you.
There are many metal stamping companies that you can get to do a run for you. Oh so you aren't going to need that many? hymmm Sell them too. If you need them so do others. That's how I get some of my supplies for free
and it gives me quite an edge on the competition.