CLOSED, PRE-ORDER, Keffeler-18 Sword (The K18)

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Feb 13, 2007
This pre-order is now closed

Please post only one time to this thread. Please do not make multiple posts or chat. This is my order list and it needs to stay simple and uncluttered or it isn't going to work.

Please read and understand the sword and the ordering process before ordering.

I estimate it will take about six months for this pre-order to start to ship and possibly longer. I'm only committing to ship before next summer. If you need something faster this might not be for you.

This will not be a standard pattern.

After the TV show Knife Or Death we were talking about what would be an ideal piece to take on that show. A small sword with some length (but not too much length) with a stout primary edge that could go through some of the harder targets and a thin sharp spine that could reliably sail through softer targets. A race knife, not some heavy built chunk, with racing geometry and high edge retention. A neutral balance to be used with one hand but designed to accommodate two handed grips for power cuts. Evil Genius and world acclaimed sword maker and competitive cutting champion Dr. Dan Keffeler came up with this.

These are some pictures of what it doesn't look like:



^ That is a prototype. The production version will be different.

Here is a screen shot of the design as it currently stands


It's actually pretty big. Other knives folks are familiar with for scale:


^ Dan is still doing some development tweaks so it may change a little more. The purpose of this pre-order is to cement the orders needed to justify a run before I ask Dan to finalize development.

18" Blade
2 1/2" blade width
28.6" total length
Delta 3V
~.200" thickness
~ 2lbs, 14 oz.
CG 1" in front of the guard
green Terotuf, titanium fasteners
no sheath
as machined (on our new Mori) ground only as necessary and tumbled
Front edge probably 22 DPS, rear probably 18 DPS and very thin.

These are Utility Field Grade, milled and tumbled with visible tool and grind marks. You're buying a real and fully functional high performance sword built to cut stuff, not a shiny wall hanger, please don't buy this if you're looking for some flawless art piece. We're keeping the cost of this project within the means of regular folks, a perfectly flawless finish on these isn't practical at this price point. You guys are familiar with our standards, these will be made to our normal utility field grade standard which is generally regarded to be pretty good.

Price is $1,175. Shipping is $20, so total shipped domestically for a utility field grade Keffeler-18 Sword (no scabbard) is $1195

Here is the order process:

I'm going to take full payment in advance and hold your money. While I think this is usually a bad policy, so I don't generally recommend it, I've been around a while, my shop is an incorporated business established in 2001, so I'm probably not going anywhere. I will ship your sword when it's finished. Once your order is confirmed there are no refunds, changes or cancellations other than accommodations for change of address.

We're probably going to order a custom run of 3V for this which will take some time and this is a very large piece so output will be slow, I don't expect them to start to finish up for about six months. They will ship as they're finished in the order that they are ordered in this thread. As I'm building them, most of them will go to this pre-order but a few will be sold in regular sales. This means you will see swords being sold while you're waiting for yours.

If you're ordering a sword in this pre-order: post in this thread first and then send an email to Jo at jocarothers (at) gmail (dot) com with this subject line: "K18 preorder" and include your post# in that subject line.

Please include the following information in your email:

1: Your post number on this pre-order thread.

2: Bladeforums name. (for example "Jo the Machinist")

3: Real Name.

4: PayPal email address so we can send a paypal invoice (or ask about other payment options)

5: Shipping address.

Once we receive this information, if everything is there, Jo will send you a PayPal invoice. If information is missing or you have additional questions, Jo will reply to your email. When your email is read and processed we will send you a reply letting you know we've received your information.

Jo, Bo, Mark, Dan and I appreciate all of your continued interest in our work and your support.

Thanks for looking.
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