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Discussion in 'Round Eye Knife & Tool Forum' started by Christina Montero, Nov 10, 2001.

  1. SIFU1A


    May 12, 2001
    i say 'amen' to that jailhack...........all of it

  2. teacher


    Apr 11, 2001
    Darn......... and I was just starting to get interested in you all. Got a couple of Pikuni's and love them. Was going to explore further other REKAT knives. If you 'ain't' gonna be here no use. See ya. :)
  3. roshi


    May 3, 2001
    I think it's a mistake to abandon this forum. There might appear to be way too many complaints lately but that's due to lack of response.

    I purchased my Sifu based on all the comments here a few months ago and I don't regret it one bit.

    If you don't have a forum for your company or a web site you won't have any presence among "knife people".
  4. lifter4Him


    Sep 30, 1999
    You reap what you sow.
  5. Centurian


    Mar 22, 2001
    Sorry to see REKAT go, although it is not a big loss because there hasn't been much participation from them anyways.

    I will not comment on the "Spine WacK Test". My main concern is with REKAT themselves. First, they make a great product. I have three Sifu's all of which have served me well. I have recommended the Sifu to friends all of which have been great knives. Both my friends and myself will defend the REKAT products...the Sifu is perhaps the best combat production folder available and the carnivor a close second.

    However, removing themselves from the forums or not participating and not having a WEB page is extreme poor business management. We live in the computer age, companies are either with it or not. The ones that are not.....good luck because your compition will be. I would suggest that REKAT reconsider their removal of the forum and stay with it and PARTICIPATE. That way they can stay in touch with customers, dispell any rumors, deal with the "troll patrol" announce new products.... They need a WEB page (up and running). I understand that it is a small company, for some of us we consider that a blessing. I am sure there is people on the forums who would love to work with them as Moderators/ Representatives (some of which may be computer savy)just to help out a company that makes a great product. Either way I wish them the best of luck.
  6. Blade Santa Cruz

    Blade Santa Cruz

    May 6, 1999
    I own three SIFUs. After reading the various threads, I wrapped the handle and gave my "carry" knife (D-2, stonewash, finger grips) a hard tap on my gloved hand. It folded! :eek:

    The knife is still a decent work-knife for camping, etc, but to call it a combat knife is ludicrous. If I want a combat folder, I'll stick with my Mad Maxx! :eek:
  7. TomMarker


    Feb 22, 1999
    So is this forum closing or what?
  8. Belly


    May 21, 2000
    So...when will it close?

    Actions speak louder than words!

    Another example of an inferior company on its way out of business.


  9. glockman99

    glockman99 Super Moderator Super Mod

    Jun 12, 2000


    I'm sorry that you feel that way.:(. Do you own any REKAT knives that you'd like to trade-off? (I might have something that you'd like.).:).
  10. Willie Boy

    Willie Boy

    Apr 18, 1999
    I agree, absoutely, with what Jailhack said. I am one of those he helped with smoothing a REKAT. I own 3 REKAT's at this time. A SIFU Special Edition from 1SKS, a Pocket Hobbit and a Carnivore. The original Carnivore and SIFU's I owned had to be replaced. Both the originals had problems. I never spine whacked any of these knives. Nor did I subject then to inertia openings. They were simply flawed when I received them or became flawed shortly thereafter when used in a normal, non-abusive manner. Pretty disappointing.

    REKAT needs to find a way to produce a product worthy of the price they charge for their knives or be prepared for unhappy and vocal customers!!! never
  11. Belly


    May 21, 2000
    Yes. I do own a Pioneer with the upswept blade. I never cut anything with it, because I noticed that the blade ever so slightly hits one of the spacer screws when the blade is closed. There is a tiny dent in the sharp edge. I shouldn't have to regrind the edge to fix a problem that should never have made it past the front door at REKAT.

    I also had a Carnivore. I absolutely love the handle and blade shape, but the Rolling Lock had a slight amount of blade play. I gave it to a friend because he did not care about the play. This was before all this "spine whacking" stuff came up.

    I decided not to send them back to REKAT because, at the time, I was fed up with poor quality control. They should have gotten it right the FIRST time. From that point forward, I never order knives over the Internet or without being able to test the product before I buy. I have actually stopped buying knives altogether, because I cannot find one (non custom) that fits my needs. There is some light at the end of the tunnel - the AFCK Axis lock will come as close as can be to my "Perfect knife", as long as I can find one with no flaws.

  12. Centurian


    Mar 22, 2001
    I felt compelled to comment on Milan's question "How is it the best ?" First, I said "perhaps" the best combat "production" folder around.

    I will agree that the Mad Maxx is completly and totally awsome. However, it's my understanding that this is a custom, not a mass production knife. Second where price is concerned, if I understand correctly it is quite a bit more $$$. Sorry , but in that price range I'll take a Glock over any combat knife anyday.

    On a side note I tested two of my Sifu's with the "Spine Wack" test, being a little worried I made sure to be very careful. GUESS WHAT?? They passed. No worries or complains from me.


    Aug 6, 2000
    hey, everbody! i love my Pocket Hobbit (movie tie-in), but haven't used it for anything but lookin @ it when i'm @ work. provides stress relief. awsome design, sharper than the devil's (i guess). i don't use it for anything cuz it took me so long to find anyplace to buy one, so it's in pristine cond.
    hope this forum stays. it's the first one i look @ when i get to use my son's computer/how imbare-ass-ing! Had my *handle* ever since i first saw the P.H. if some a' you guys?gals? need other knves, the CS Simitar is awsome (comes in black, too), as is the Emerson Commander or CQCB7, as are others. so much to say, but i'll leave room for somebody else.
    be coo' now.....john

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