Closing in on 2000...Any Thoughts?

Kodiak PA

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Dec 3, 1998
I notice that we're closing in on 2000 members. Spark & Mike what are your thoughts as you see your web site grow? Did you think it would take off like this? Can you give us any sneak previews for what is in store for the future? Do you guys ever feel like a proud papa seeing this thing grow?

You guys and the members here are the best. Finding this site has been a wonderful discovery and I enjoy watching this site grow by leaps and bounds.

Thanks for all of your hard work!


You mean BladeForums will hit 2000 before the year 2000!

That will be outstanding! Kudos to all moderators here and especially to Mike and Spark for a stimulating and dynamic site!
I can't find anything in scriptures, the occult, or any of the entrails I've tried to indicate that the world will end at 2000 members. I say full speed ahead!
I thought that was exactly what the entrails were saying, then I found out that I was holding them upside down!

All's clear Mike and Spark! Go for it!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

I am very pround of what we have accomplished here. Again as I have always said without you, the members, this site means nothing.

Well I guess I can give a few hints on what is to come.

Most will be debuted at the Blade Show but here is the course we are on.

We are already the busiest knife site in the world. No one is even remotely close. What does this mean? Well it means we are doing something right so we should make it even better. How you ask?

Well most of what we are about to do needs to be kept in secret but rest assured like all of my previous promises this will rock the community.

Eventually this will be a full fledged online magazine. I will do my best to keep it free but that is up to how much advertising revenue we can produce. The forums will always be free. We now have 20Gigs of bandwidth flowing through here and that aint cheap! I am paying for it all now but at some point BladeForums will need to be self suffecient.

How you all can help is quite simple.

1) Support the dealers who support this site. These are the people who actaully help pay the bills around here.
<a href="">Click Here!</a>

2) Buy products from the Store!
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3) If you are a dealer buy a banner!
<a href="">Get your banners here!</a>

4) If you want to donate funds to help us defray operating costs please do so. This is a not for profit site! I will never make a dime off of this thing. If we ever have a surplus it will go into giving knives away and buying new software. To date we have not received a donation. This is not to say we are hurting but every bit goes a long way here.
<a href="">Donations</a>

5) If you have a web site call Spark and have it moved here. You do not have to be a knife web site to have us host you. We will post hosting solutions here very soon.
Call Spark at 1-800-969-7771 Ext 15

Now after the Blade Show you will notice some HUGE changes! If you do not have high speed internet access GET IT! I have some really neat stuff planned like LIVE testing of knives, videos of testing, how to vidoes and more.
Stay Tuned.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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