Clothing alterations for your carry knife???

Jan 1, 2001
I've had a MT Socom Elite for about 5 months now. I'm starting to get pretty tire with not being able to stick my fat hands into my pocket while carrying. I'm considering altering the watch pocket in my jeans to that I can push the knife all the way into it. That way I can still use my front pocket for other pocket related things (not pool). Have any of the rest of you done this? I'd like some comments or suggestions. It seems pretty simple but if anybody can suggest something I'd greatly appreciate it.


It is as natural for a human to carry a knife, though one may have no immediate plans for cutting anything, as it is for a literate person to carry a pen, with or without any immediate plans for writing, or to wear a watch, whether or not one has an appointment to keep.
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You may enjoy This thread from a couple of months ago. It takes an interesting turn in the direction you are going


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Welcome to the forums!I am a big proponent of wearing cargo pants and keeping my folders on the leading edge of my cargo pocket. It is super stealthy and easier on the knife since it is a dedicated pocket with nothing else banging into it. It also is as easy to draw from a seated position, as in a car.
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Wrangler carpenter jeans are a wonderful thing. Awesome watch pocket that fits a large variety of folding sharps and a leg pocket that fits a variety of large folders.
Muad'Dib, quite a few years back i worked in a deli making sandwiches, cappucino, baking bread, etc. I had 2 pairs of "work pants" (anybody who's ever worked in a bakery knows as well as i do that you can never get the smell of yeast out). I used my carry knife about every 5 minutes, 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. Hands covered in honey mustard or tomato juice and having to open another case doesn't work if you have to reach into your pocket. So I sewed a knife pocket onto the outside of both pairs of 'work' jeans. Worked great for Spyderco Rescue, and then CS Voyager when the Rescue wore out. But it's a bit conspicuous for any environment that doesn't feature constant cutting down of boxes, milk jugs, etc. Altering the watchpocket sounds like a better option to me.
I wear overalls in most non-work settings.
If a person purchases overalls to match his or her chest size, they can carry a chainsaw concealed (mild exaggeration).

I also wear pleated dockers and have found that the front pockets will hide some surprising things.

I have thought about someday cutting the bottom out of the front pocket on my dominant hand side so that I can reach through the bottom of the pocket for whatever (inorganic thing) I might have strapped to my thigh.

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I third the Wrangler carpenters...I have three of 'em. The leg pocket's really convenient.
A stilsuit is the only clothing for a Fremen... Only I wish I had one.

Back to the original topic, if the pants have right front pocket it's okay for my knife carry. Jeans, suits, any will do well along with my Sifu. Take care, the pocket will get worn out VERY soon!

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Guys, check out Guess Pascal Jeans, they have a fold on both sides that make excellent knife pockets. If you have seen a Bram Frank Video, that all he wears. Al