Clyde Fisher original

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Jan 16, 2006
Guys Im not sure where I would post this on the forums, so given this spot a try

I have a Clyde Fisher knife with the original sheath that I got from my father. Im really not the type to collect such things and it seems a shame for this knife to just sit in a closet...

Where would be the best place to see about getting this knife appraised/sold? I mean like a gun and knife show? Online forum such as this? Id rather a collector or one that would appreciate it more have it, plus as Im sure many could these days, I could use the cash.

Any help would be great.
i'd like to see it, or hear a description. Not a lot if Clyde Fischer's knives around anymore.
Similar knife currently on eBay. No sheath but better condition and nicer handle. $695 'buy it now' or 'best offer.' There have been two offers in five daysHaving some experience with Clyde Fisher knives I'd say you'd be lucky to get more than $450 for it (from a knowledgable buyer) - more from an emotional or impulsive buyer should you find one.
Jerry Fisk collected Clyde Fischer's work at one time--you might try starting with him to get some direction.
Thanks for the updates, I had seen old auctions for them in the $400 range so that actually had been where I was thinking it was going to be close to.

I will keep looking around but now have a place to start.
Thanks to Will York that dropped Jerry Fisk's name, I have talked with him and he has given me some direction on ways to proceed on finding a possible buyer for this knife. Great guy

Its going to be harder to find old school guys that will appreciate knives like this and be willing to buy them, but they are out there.
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