Coast LED Tactical Torches

Oct 3, 2000
I just got one of these:

and one of these:

These lights are inexpensive and BRIGHT! The tactical light uses one very bright high output LED and a "special" lens that focuses the light. About as bright and tight as my Streamlight Scorpion.

The other light has 5 white LEDs and one red LED, with separate switches to operate each color (the switches are color coded and the switch for the white lights is textured). Very bright, not as tight but tight enough for local light use.

Oh, and the best thing? Both work on 3 AAA batteries!! No more $20 a pair bateries for me! :D

Check these out, you might like them...I do!
Nov 21, 2000
Hi Charlie,
I've got both of those also and must say they are reaaly nice too. Lowes Hardware carries both if anyone else wants to give them a try. -Todd