coated ZT Steel Heart

Feb 9, 2004
This is a 3/16ths ZT Steel Heart with the durable black crinkle finish, tan micarta scales. I only know of 12 of these that made it to the public.
i have 2; one will surely last me a lifetime.
sold shipped priority insured in the 50 united states and canada.
additional if anywhere else.
comes with od cordura/kydex sheath.
blew the rear in my truck!!!! c-sucker!!!!
Nice deal. Wish I could afford it right now.

superb knife and you're not likely to see many or any more of these around.
during the crash i listed these on usn (im vor ) and kf but bf is home so mention bf in your e- mail and the price is $245.
hurry before i come to my senses, paypal preferred.
thatmguy said:
Car repair in the winter sux big time.
rear's shot in the truck. :mad:
lost my job last week. :mad: :mad:
sounds like i'm a country music writer, now. :p

still hope i beat you to that green hornet!
I know of a greenhouse that's going to be needing a perennial person pretty darn soon... of course, it IS in Canada.

Canada, where the weather is cold, but the women are HOT! :D
thanks fha! i'll give ya a shout if it comes to it!
how're the sled dogs??? busy i'm sure! ;)