Cold Steel Arc Angel

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Kyui Su Kim

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Aug 26, 2000

I am selling this Arc Angel balisong. It has been carried and flipped but never used to cut anything other than tape and paper. On the blade are light scratch marks from my attempt to use a sandpaper sponge to get out a tiny spot on the blade. I can find three of these total and I think it might be spotting from the Carbon V but I am not sure. All of these marks were not possible for me to get on camera or at least my camera can not zoom in enough to get them into focus. It took me turning the blade in the sun to notice them. This knife would make a great flipper or addition to a collection of someone who is willing to put a little more care into the high carbon blade. I have attempted to be as honest as I can about the condition to the point of making it sound worse than it is.:)

I am asking SPF+ shipping. MO's only please as I am having issues with PP atm.

No trades atm and sorry, but no shipping outside the CONUS

Added more photos of "damage"




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