Cold Steel ATC (All Terrain Chopper)...

Oct 4, 1998
Anyone here ever heard of/seen one of these?
From all outward appearances, it seems to be an LTC with the same thickness of the CS Ghurka Kukri. There is no coating on the blade and it is satin finished. Kraton handle and all. Picture a CS Ghurka with the same geometry as an LTC, bolo shape, front heavy belly.
Anyone know the exact specs of these, when they were produced and when production was stopped? I am curious to know the exact thickness of the blade... is it 1 quarter inch like the CS GK?


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I am sorry, I have all the informations you need on an old brochure from CS, but it is at my home, and now I am out for work for some days. It seems to me I received it in 1990.

If you can wait, when I'll be back home from my business I'll post you the whole text and specs.

Hi All,
I've got one in stainless. They proceded the LTC. The dementions are the same as they are for the LTC, except that the blade is from 1/4" stock (not 5/16"). I don't know when they quit making them. It's been a good knife.
I think they were promoted as "the silent chainsaw".
Just a bit of trivia to get me back into the habit after a long spell offline (definitely not voluntary)

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Thanks for all the replies.

I would love to see all the specs whenever you get a chance.

Dan K.-
Can you recall how much you paid for yours and did you buy it new or used?

Thanks again-
Thanks again, guys, for all the info.
I just picked one of these up off ebay for $230 (rather, my girlfriend got it for me). This one is Carbon V, not stainless like Dan K's. It was still new in-the-box and has a cordura sheath.
I considered the price wasn't too bad considering these aren't available anymore. I have 2 LTCs and I love them so I figured I "needed" an "LTC on steroids". I will be reluctant to use it, though, because I will probably never be able to get my hands on another one! I hate to bang up a possible collector's item. (yes, I'm one of those people that buy some knives and never use them, but I DO have knives that I use as well). I did not even know these things existed until this one popped up on ebay last week.
I'll post a review as soon as I get my hands on it.

Thans again-
I wanted the ATC when I first saw it. It was back in 89 or 90. I ordered one right away and when it showed up it had transformed from an ATC to a LTC. When the knife arrived the dealer started handing back much of my deposit, I knew something was wrong. Apparently production had stopped soon after I ordered it. This would indicate a production life of only 2 years.

Much of the history of the ATC and CS Gurkha was posted in Knifeforums.

I have a mint ATC in Carbon 5 I would be willing to sell for $225.

Hang on to it.
As soon as this one comes in, I will do some tests with it. If I like it enough, I may get the other one from you. (Then I have one to keep and one to use!!!) Has it ever been used or is it still in the box/unused? I know you said "mint", but that could be slightly used....


I don't have the box but the the ATC is unused. Let me know.

Orion - The CS ATC in Carbon V is an awesome piece. See if you can get Wayne Goddard to regrind it for you. He was regrinding Carbon V ATCs & Trailmasters for a while. the Goddard ground ATC is a real performer.