Cold Steel Bushman, any thoughts on it?

I went a little hi-tec with mine. I plugged the large open end with tisue and then dipped the handle several times in liquid vinyl you can buy at the hareware store. After 4-5 dipps, the handle gets more comfortable, even though it's not bad as is.

Trimmed the tissue out of the way, and I'm ready to go. A great beater blade, or loaner.-Brian

You might want to expand that first-aid kit to include what I call an "emergency kit". Including first aid, add a flashlight, a space blanket or two, pertinent maps (free for AAA members) and a compass, packaged water, comfortable walking shoes, etc. Stuff it into a backpack and you're set. Remember, be prepared!

As for the open handle, I took some lifeboat matches wrapped in cellophane, stuffed them into the handle and sealed it with a couple of lengths of duct tape.
Tuff, I am high-tech like Squid, I use duct tape to cover the end of the handle when I place items in it.
Posted before I was finished..

Ahh good idea. Squid, regarding a space blanket. How are they? Are they a lot warmer than a regular blanket? Never actually seen one, so don't know what they're made of that makes them better, if anything.
Tsclager - that hold up well?

RE: space blankets

There has been much debate regarding the merits of space blankets, space bags, and the such. I believe the most simple blankets are just single layers of reflective mylar. Some have two layers with some type of vapor barrier in between (they are bulkier and heavier though). I guess the concept is that it is that they are supposed to reflect body heat back to your body. The argument is whether or not they really work! There is a lot of debate going on here. In any case, it's cheap insurance to me, so I don't care. They are compact, light, and cheap. They can always be used for signaling. I figure, better to have one than not! One drawback is they do tear easily - they're a single-use item in most cases.


They have lots of great info on "emergency" items and the such.

Don`t forget space blankets can also be very useful as groundcover,a means to make an expedient shelter`s roof more water proof, a heat reflector for a fire etc. Also the Bushman should be a good cheap survival knife (I wouldn`t wanna be off topic.
). Marcus
I'm gonna check out now, thanks. Didn't know space blankets could reflect, but I'm guessing they have that bright shiny stuff on them.
Yeah, Bushman sounds like a real deal. i want to get another SRK when I get it as well. A good survival knife is the most important, or one of the most important things, you can have. Hmm, that gives me an idea for another topic....
re: space blanket controversy

Blankets do not generate heat (unless they have a chemical or electrical source of heat). They prevent heat loss. Heat is lost in several ways. Through convection, conduction, perspiration etc. The most common way of keeping in the warmth is by piling up layers or insulating the body. The key to this way of staying warm is the thickness of the garments used. Space blankets are lousy insulators because they're as thin as a Somalian anorexic.

One little known way the body loses heat is through radiation. We are constantly radiating body heat, particularly out of the tops of our heads and backs of our necks. This (radiant heat loss) is the type of heat loss a reflective space blanket is intended to prevent, and it DOES work. I baked like I was in an oven when I used one as a rainfly on top of my winter bag one time.

It will also act as a windbreaker of sorts, so it also reduces convection heat loss. Go outside on a still, cool day in a wool sweater (or one of those fleece things. You'll be warm. Now try it on a windy day. You'll freeze your butt off, because the sweater won't block the wind. Now drape a space blanket or even a tarp over your sweater. It will block the wind and keep you from losing heat via convection.

So space blankets aren't the be-all-and-end-all of staying warm (i.e., don't walk out naked into a snowstorm with your space blanket) but they're not useless, either.
Who has the best pricing on these Bushmen?

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away! has some good prices. Anyone know if they are reliable?

Didn't know they're was such controversy about Space blankets. What do they cost, ballpark area?
MJ&S Knives is one of the best. Mark goes way out of his way to bring low prices and fast service to knifenuts. Check out some of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly forum posts!

Also, he had the lowest price I've found on a bushman recently when I bought another one.

Recently bought an emergency use blanket for my daughter's car trunk at a discount store. It was on sale and under $10. Looks like a one-time use or light use item. Not sure if it's a space blanket, but it is somewhat reflective and matches the descriptions I see here.

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The Bushmans (men?) for sale now advertise that the sheath is now plastic lined for safety.Were the ones referred to above also lined? Anyhow, on the basis of these posts, I ordered one from ABC for about $15.I'll let you know if the sheath is more useful.

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I did not have time to really actually read the whole thread so if this info is redundant bare with me . the handle is hollow so you can either store stuff in it or use it as a spear. the blade is thin and sharp enough to field dress game and is 54rc that is all i know gotta go bye.

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One of the best all around 'cheap' knives I've found next to the Bushman is the Cold Steel True-flight thrower. Holds an edge extremely good for throwing steel, feels good in your hand, and comes with paracord already wrapped on. The thing will skin, do light chopping and makes a hell of a spear by cutting a small straight sapling, splitting it down to slide the handle in and wrap it with its own paracord. About 15 bucks for the won't be the way it throws good also. - Jeff

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Alachow - yeah, let us know if the sheath is better. I heard a lot of people say the sheath was crap and I hope they changed it. Is ABC giving you the same sheath that Cold Steel sells, or is a it a totally different sheath?
I bought on a month back and it came with a lined CS sheath that holds up great
While I haven't seen the offending sheath, CS MUST have changed it. My new one is HEAVY gray leather with a plastic lining. It is almost identical to one that came with my CS "Hudson Bay" knife some time ago, only heavier.I don't think anyone will object to this one, especially with a knife that costs under $15!By the way, the knife is pretty cool,too,in a minimalistic sort of way! I can definitely see this in your car survival kit,or tacklebox,or gear locker at the hunting camp.A few bucks well spent.

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The only problem is that the blade shape should be changed to a bowie shape. Oh God...If only they offered it in Carbon 5.
Normark [Eric]

I bought a kydex sheath for my bushman,
I know, the sheath cost 3x what the knife did, but it is great & now the bushman is more usable as I can actually carry it with me as opposed to leaving it in camp.

As other have stated, it is a great knife, almost indestructable for digging, chopping as well as cutting, the rough finish does not cause you to baby the knife as you might with one with a nice finish.