Cold Steel Bushman

Jul 20, 2000
I just recieved my CS Bushman today and I need a little advice on making a gripping surface on the handle.I plan on using it alot and don't want it slipping out of my hand.I read a post on here that someone used truckbed liner to achieve this.Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Big John
How about Ten-speed bicycle handlebar tape? It comes in camo in good bike shops.

Or that black skid slip prof tape they put on stairs. May eat up your hands though with hard use.
How about Dipit, that stuff they sell for coating tool handles? That should work quite well. It comes in several colors.


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Since the Bushman's handle flares slightly toward the butt, it has a tendency not to slip out of your grip, so any tape or coating you use doesn't have to be very agressive. I never thought of dipping it, but besides improving the grip, it will also protect it from corrosion, which a sweaty hand on Carbon V would otherwise encourage.
Tennis racket grip tape. Very grippy, and has cushion. Less slippery than bicycle tape.

There's always parachute cord but you have to wrap it correctly. If you're "all thumbs", forget it...
In keeping with its primitive style use leather. I have used leather strip that I wrapped around and epoxied to the handle. I have also built up a guard ring by wrapping a gradually narrowing stack of leather at the blade end of the handle (with epoxy between the layers).

A simpler approach is to wrap leather thong or boot laces around the handle. You can get a tight fit if you wet before application and stretch as you wrap. This will probably cause a little rust.
I've tried it all and skateboard tape is the best, especially if you are not lily-fingered
. If you need a piece big enough to do your Bushman, just E-mail me.
I would be the doofus using truck bed liner! It comes in a spray can at Wal Mart for about $6 (Yeah I know that's half what the knife costs!) It creates a rough texture and has some thickness to it so it can be "built up." It is not as rough as the sand paper style tapes . . . In case you do have "lilly hands"


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