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Cold Steel Bushman

Oct 12, 2006
I was about to make a order on a folding gerber exchange a blade saw and a SAK hunter and then I was looking around and saw the cold steel bushman. Just wandering if any of you have had any experience with this knife and how you liked it. Thanks.
Lotta people like em but I prefer Cold Steel Trail masters. Cant really help you on this one sorry.
Alright I'll think I'll skimp on this knife because I probably would not use it that much.
I like the Cold Steel Bushman. If the blade was 3.5 or 4" shorter, I would have one.
Yeah thats what I was thinking the blade is a bit long I don't know what I would do with it.
I have a large one that's rarely been used. The Mini Bushman might be a different game altogether though.

The original large one is big enough to be cumbersome, at small tasks but still too light for any kind of heavy tasks.

although the Mini Bushman is nice looking, I'd still rather have a Mora if I were going to go to that size range.

Personally I think I'd consider other options, FWIW.
Yeah I deceided not to get it already made my order. I have some moras and a puuko and I like those a lot. Just thought it was worth asking if any of you liked the bushman.
I like them! They are some of the few Cold Steel knives I do like. I have both the standard size and the mini Bushman. I carry the mini quite often and the standard occasionally. I have wrapped the handles of both with orange paracord to enhance the grip. Things I like about them. They are cheap for the quality. The steel is pretty good for what it is. It is a beater and I don't have to worry about hurting it. I have sharpen both mine on rocks picked up in the field. They are easy to sharpen and take a good edge. I normally carry one as a backup blade on my trips into the Chihuahua desert in south west Texas. I carry a medium sized eye bolt, some paracord and a small quantity of duct tape in the handle. With these additions it is easy to make a long spear or a short handle cutting tool about the size of a long matchete. If you don't carry a preformed walking staff like I do, you can easily find a piece of wood for a spear. Trim the end to fit in the handle and insert it into the bushman's handle, insuring a firm fit. Then insert the eye bolt through the hole in the knife handle and screw it into the wood to hold the shaft in the bushmans handle. This can easily be done with your fingers, no extra tools involved. If you find it hard to screw it in, pick up a small piece of wood and insert it through the eye to form a handle for better leverage. Use the paracord and tape to further secure the knife to the shaft. The short handle cutting tool is especially effective in giving you the length to avoid cactus spines when harvesting prickly pear fruit and other editables. The standard bushman is best for this. The spear is nice to have around for snakes and other nasties. I have even done some hunting with it. While not my primary blade, I consider it an excellent backup and I would not be afraid to carry it as a primary survival knife should I lose my Randall (god forbid). The sheaths are crap, but so far they have not fallen apart on me after 3 years, though I've wrapped them in duct tape and they mostly reside in the bottom of my pack. Guess it depends on your use for them. I have found them to be a usefull addition to my gear for where I go and what I do. Just my 2 cents worth.
I like the mini bushman better. The large bushman is a really big knife that makes a really huge formidible spear. The small bushman is a convinient size to take along if you want to make a spear for protection. I gave mine to my daughter when she was 12. A 12 year old girl with a six foot long steel tipped spear is nobody's free lunch.

As far as a small fixed blade I'd rather have a mora as well. The lack of guard on the bushman and the cone shaped handle don't lend themselves to any function other than making a spear out of a small fixed blade knife. Mac
Another vote for the Mini-Bushman :)

I have several of the mini's and just one of the full size.

I think that for the price, the mini is one of the best deals out there.

If I was in charge, I'd have everyone carry at least one in their BOB.:D

Scary sharp and has a lot of different ways to use it as a tool.

The factory sheath sucks tho':grumpy:
I just made up some simple kydex ones for mine.

You can stick stuff in the handle too.:thumbup:

Great price, great knife, get a few and stick them anywhere you might need a knife, survival or other-wise.

Sure, the handle kinda feels strange for a knife but I can live with that.
I have them both and like them for the price. Eric from On Scene Tactical makes sheaths for both sizes. I highly recommend them. :thumbup:
I like the full sized Bushman, it does everything I ask of it from digging to splitting wood. I also like the sheath (not that a custom one couldn't be better) the stock sheath allows easy use.

I believe they have discontinued the mini though.
I believe they have discontinued the mini though.

Wow, your right, I just googled it and nothing.
Another good knife no longer made.:grumpy:

I better get myself a couple more of the full size ones before they stop making them too.
Another +1 for the regular size Bushman. I've had one for years, and it has been on lawn and garden duty for about the last 5 years. I have recently cleaned it up, sharpened it, wrapped the handle with a piece of bicycle innertube, and am currently working on a kydex sheath for it. I plan on taking it on adventures this year.
I like the inner-tube-wrap idea. I've also heard of people using crutch tips as end caps, to seal stuff into the hollow handles.
YMMV, but I like them. Gave away the one full size I had during my last trip to the mountains of what I refer to as extended Texas (known by those who aren't original Texans as New Mexico), but purchased 4 more thru the Christmas special flyer first of Dec.

Great knives and inexpensively priced, to the point that losing one or giving one away to someone who has never seen one ain't no biggie....
I've tested it. I'm very impressed with the knife! It has a very nice price/quality proportion:thumbup:

You can't go wrong with it.