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Cold Steel Covert Action Tanto (CAT)

Nov 13, 1998


I just recently received a catalog from Cold Steel. In it, I can't help but to notice the ridiculously affordable "Covert Action Tanto (CAT)".

I have never heard of of "43% glass filled Zytel nylon", and was wondering how such a material usually measures up.

Would this be a good knife as an all around utility knife (keeping in mind that the uses would mostly be light to mid-duty, such as cutting ropes, opening boxes, cutting tape, etc). Also, can this material be easily sharpened, and how are its edge-holding capabilities. I presently carry a Buck-type folder (made for Sears), and I would like the convenience of a fixed-blade, as I wouldn't have to try to open it with one hand. Carrying my Ka-Bar USMC knife is probably not too practical ;-).

One last thing, the catalog clearly has "Not for sale in Canada" under this item. I've gone through the Canadian criminal code, and see no restriction on the material of knives (the other tantos don't have such a restriction, so the material is the only thing I can see). Does anyone know why that is (I'll probably order from a mail order place anyway).

Thanks in advance for all your help,


The CAT Tanto is basicly a hard plastic copy of the companies standard steel tanto model. I (owning 2) would have to say edgeholding/cutting ability to be nil. I think the "point" is as a last ditch stabbing implement. You could probably put somewhat of an edge on it but it would not hold up for long.

As a cutting tool, any $2.00 Pakistani folder would be more useful.

I would most likely attribute it's Canadian status to it's ability to be carried through a metal detector.

I am not saying the thing is of no value but, to me, it absolutely will not do the job for whitch I believe you intend it.

Hope this helps,
I have one of those.......it was so cheap that I could not resist having it added to another order. At the price, it was difficult to be disappointed. And I wasn't disappointed......it was every bit as cruddy as I had expected.
As an "undetectable", last ditch ,throwaway stabbing weapon it might just work. But, really, it is a bit big for covert carry.
As a cutter.....even if you could get the thing sharp enough, it would probably lose it's edge quickly.
IMO, it is a replica....not a knife.
Even the cheapest 420 stainless blade would serve as a better tool.For my money, 420 rates a 4 on a 10 scale as a blade material.....this stuff is not on the scale at all.
If you are into novelties or want to impress the uninitiated with your "secret agent " knife get one...better still, get the Delta Dart.....similar material in a 3 sided stiletto style. It makes no pretence at being a cutter...would make a pretty good throwaway stabber.I think it is copied from the Pat Crawford Devil's Dart.

As for restricted Canadian availability...dunno. But I assume that Canada feels that the thing has no usefull, legal use and wants to keep it out of the hands of those who would take advantage of the materials invisibility to metal detectors for evil reasons.

Brian W E
These are non-metal designs and were primarily made for people who needed to get through metal detectors with out raising a ruckusa and still be able to retain a somewhat reasonable weapon as a last ditch means of defense.The Devils Dart is based on a O.S.S sleeve knife from WW II