cold steel customer service problems?

Aug 8, 1999
hi, this is my first post; how are all of you doing? i was wondering if anyone else has had problems with CS. i made sure to keep invoices and copies of everything that went on with this problem: i bought a light kukri from Cutlery Shoppe made by Cold Steel. Well, that was back in March. when it got nice out i went out and took a hack at a small pear branch; the blade snapped off at the handle! i was shocked. Cutlery Shoppe said since 30 days had passed i had to go through CS for any help since they had a 5 yr warranty. Well, I shipped it back; they said it was bad heat treatment. I said i didn't trust the light kukri; can i get my Visa credited and order the regular 240.00 kukri? i mean they're making money here, right, and they admitted the light kukri was defective. the girl i spoke to asked her controller (i think her name was Patti-this took place over 3 weeks time with numerous calls from me to CS as well as a letter); she said they couldn't do that. they could only exchange the same exact blade. i pointed out that they would be making $$. it didn't matter. so Cutlery Shoppe told me to have CS ship me the light kukri. then i had to reship the light kukri to Cutlery Shoppe and am now waiting for them to get a regular CS Kukri (the more expensive one) to ship to me. they said no problem, they're happy to make the profit and they couldn't understand why i got no help from CS. I even told CS in a letter how much i bought from them in the past (as well as two of my friends who work in fed. govt. with me): a CS 4 in. tanto voyager; special forces shovel; peacekeeper III; tanto neck knife; assegai spear; etc. i think i've been a good customer for them. sorry this is so long; but end of story is here i am missing my kukri and CS has lost at least 3 good customers. what's up with that kind of support? don't they want to make $$, i've never seen a store that wouldn't credit your card and charge you the difference. i'm just wondering if CS has done this kind of thing to anyone, or if i just got the bum steer from an employee. When i get the heavy kukri from cutlery shoppe, i'm planning on writing a letter with all my copies of receipts, etc., and address it directly to Lynn Thompson, although i don't think it will help.
I actually sent in an order several months ago for an SRK, and I haven't received the knife or an explanation since. Needless to say, I'll be buying all my CS products from distributors rather than direct. Or, I'll buy a different brand.
Sorry to hear about your problem with CS. I have several of thier blades too_One is a LTC.

It's too bad you didn't check out the Himalayan Impors forum where there is real Kukuris' from Nepal Uncle Bill just listed some 18th Century Kukuris that are 19" oal and weigh in at 1 Lb 14 ounces.
These blades outwork the CS models in many ways although the CS does penetrate deeper. They hang up though where the H.I. models don't.JMO.
Check it out and see what you think. I have 5 now and 1 on the way!!

Oh yeah. Although H.I. has some expensive Kuhkuris they are generally less than he $240.00 price tag you mentioned.
My favorite is the 18" Ang Khola at $195.00 and 2 Lbs. it is one fine knife.

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Ah, yet another opportunity to voice my experience. Welcome to the forums Kelt34.
Cold Steels customer service (or a lack of) is the worst that I' ve ever had to experience in my cutlery life! I no longer recommend nor purchase any of their products. End of story.

I ordered a bird and trout knife and a delta dart directly from cold steels web site. I was very pleased, it came very quick and I had no problems. Mabye I was just lucky?!? I can only say good things!!!
I send a defective Gunsite back to them and had to stay on top of them for months before I finally got the new one.

Yvsa is right, I would check out HI for a khukuri. They're guaranteed for life including most handles.

My CS days are over.....I just figured why get the imitation when the real deals are out there. To have a MSRP of nearly $200 for the R1 Military classic doesn't make sense when I can hunt for a real Randall for just a few sheckels more.


I had one of their LTCs to break lenghtwise of the blade on the first whack into a sapling. They sent out a new one shortly.