Cold Steel El Lobo

I picked up a CS El Lobo 3" Nogalas point knife from a local knife dealer here in LA last weekend. Well I really like this knife! The blade design really lends itself to quick cutting of all types of material. I have been setting up some new Macs into our PC network here at work and have been opening alot of boxes and stripping Cat 5 wire. After 3 straigh days the blade is still hair shaving sharp. Some people seem to think that AUS 8A is an inferior steel, but I really like it. It holds and edge well and sharpens very fast. The El Lobo has a well designed handle that alows you to really dig into what you are cutting. In fact I can honestly say it has one of the best handles in the 3" blade size I have ever handled. The steel clip is a nice addition that CS should of done a long time ago. Overall I really recommend that people put aside their hate for CS and check ou an El might be suprised!
Feb 18, 1999
Did you get the plain edge or the serrated version? (I myself only buy plain knives from CS).
Just curious.
Plain edge......I really do not like their serrations. All my knives except for one Spyderco have plain edges. I believe keeping a blade sharp negates serrations.

I have the 4 inch El Hombre. Great knife! I've been using it hard for about 1 1/2 years. Great blade design for cutting. Love that AUS-8. Easy to get razor sharp and holds an edge well. Serrated edges are great until they become dull. A plain edge and a Lansky Sharpener and you never need have a dull knife. ColdSteel makes an excellent product at very reasonable prices, especially in regard to their folders.