Cold Steel Email Address

I don’t think that they have email, last time I looked there wasn’t one on their site, they haven’t had one in the past either. I wish that they would get one sorted out (assuming that they would answer it) because calling them from outside the US has been a royal pain in the ass the last couple of times I tried.

Hope someone has one but I am not going to hold my breath.

I asked this question about a month ago and I think Dann Fassnacht (a major Cold Steel fan) said that they don't have an email address. Bummer, really hard to get hold of them
thank you! my friend who wanted to contact cold steel finally reached them by phone.
Yah, I've spoke with Lynn Thompson (the head honcho/owner), and he said that for right now at least, they just don't have the "extra" people to handle the heavy load of e-mail that they would get daily.

I think THAT attitude is a big mistake, but then, I don't run the company, either.

At least they have a toll-free "800" phone number...I can post it if needed.

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