Cold Steel Extra-Large Voyager as primary backup?

Mar 25, 2000
Recently i bought a Cold Steel Extra-Large voyager(clip point)...i came to take a look to see if there were any opinions on the cold steel voyager..but i failed to see any topics on the voyager...has anybody used the knife, and if so how did it fare? Secondly, what do you people think of the Voyager as a primary defensive weapon?? the product code is CS-29XC
"Speed Is Life",IMHO,if you can deploy it fast enough,it may be adequate for SD.But I can't open it fast enough,especially compared with my Wayne Goddard Ltw and Wegner
when wearing gloves.
Just curious,is it legal to carry such a knife in your country?

Initially i thought the voyager would be slow to open, however, i found that it was easy using the wrist flick method(holding the handle with the back of the blade towards you, and doing a 180' wrist flick.
by the way, it is illegal to carry a knife around in singapore no matter how small/big your blade is..our government is damned strict about this, but so far i haven't been arrested ..