Cold Steel Intruder Bowie

Feb 17, 2001
I have just recieved a cold steel intruder bowie as a gift.
Can any one help me on the history of this knife and its value as a collectable.
The knife has a serial no 181 and is as new.
That knife was designed for the movie, "Flight of the Intruder". It is a special collerctor knife because it was actually designed FOR that movie and had a limited run, as far as I understand it.

hopefully someone else can help you out more!

"Come What May..."
Is there any site that I can access to find out what this particular Knife is worth to a collector. Is it rare or not?

Thanks for the info.
Dont know about the value, but it is basically a blackened version of the Trailmaster with an AUS8A stainless blade. Pretty nice knife, but I always thought they wanted too much moolah for them.

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