Cold Steel Master Tanto

Jan 31, 2001
Has anyone owned this knife? I had the SS tanto before and it came up missing. Now I have the San Mai III. What is your general impression of the knife the steel and both the leather and the concealx sheath?
Hey Beowulf..

Depending on what you plan on using it for its a pretty tough knife..

I've had one now for quite some time,,and use it once and awhile...

As far as the factory sheath goes..

Well it's a factory sheath..

Come and see me got a custom rig for the RT if you want to go concealed...



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it's evil!

Basically I can't say I have any real feelings for or against it except the name thing of course.

I know. I have to say most of the marketing and stuff CS puts out annoys me, but their Tanto's are just incredible.
I owned a CS Master Tanto awhile back, and for the price-difference between it, and the "standard" Tanto, I just couldn't see that big of a difference. I now own one of the "new-style" Stainless Tantos, and I'm very satisfied with it.

Oops, I forgot to mention the sheaths.
The leather ones are ok (but slow to draw, and they suck for concealment), the Factory Concealex ones are better, but Normarks' On/Scene Tactical Concealex sheaths ARE the BEST! I carry my Tanto, IWB, in one of these sheaths, and it is GREAT, as Eric uses a "G-Clip", so that you don't have to un-buckle your belt and thread the sheath onto your belt. Very quick and easy on and off with this sheath, and it's very comfortable and secure.

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Thanks for the tip on the sheath. I have been unhappy with the factory concealex sheath. It does not hold the knife as tight as I like. I don't want the retaining strap and still want to have it upside down on my ALICE pack shoulder straps.
I bought one for my son. It is a lovely knife but we did notice that the edge does have a tendency to chip. Maybe that batch was made a bit too hard. Personally, I like the leather sheath. But Normark can't be beat for quality and functionality.

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