Cold Steel Mini-Culloden

Mar 25, 2000

What do you guys think of the Cold Steel Mini-Culloden neck knife? Could someone give me their views on this knife...because i can't seem to find any postings or reviews of it...any input is much appreciated..thanks..
Hey Nick...

Truthfully for the money,, you'd be much better of buying something like Newt Livesay's neck blades..
I think they go for around $40.00 or so,, and they are Much more practical and Legal for that matter in some places..

The CS blade is purely for self defence and has little or no other value other than that.

Legal issues may arise that may otherwise be talked out of with a regular looking knife.

In My Opinion, it is one of the most Useless knives I've ever seen...

But that is Only my opinion....

ttyle Eric...

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Alberta Ed, when you said the latest issue of Tactical Knives, do you mean the July 2000 issue?? the one with Edge Tech's Magna and Impulse on the cover? can't seem to find any reviews of the Cold Steel Mini-Culloden in it...thanks..
No, it's in the September issue (year 2000). I know, it's only mid-June... maybe time goes faster in Canada.
There are a couple of reviews here on the mini colluden and the mini-tac if you do a search but personally I'd just get a Livesay neck knife.

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