cold steel ripoffs?

Feb 3, 2001
i was in a knife store the other day and saw cold steel tantos retailing for 300 bucks. then I went to the one stop shop and saw them selling a factory damascus blade for 1700 bucks. i remember five or six years ago cold steel knives were in the mid-low price range. what gives is this marketing?
The cold steel Tantos retail from about $235.00 to $450.00, are well built and IMO worth the money. They do have many knives in the mid price range, but most of their tantos have their expensive San Mai III steel.

You can order a Master Tanto from a reputable Internet dealer for $160.31, and a standard Tanto for $126.56.

Unless you're talking Canadian dollars, those prices you mentioned are rip-offs.

Caveat Emptor.
Caveat Emptor.
Let the buyer beware.
Cold Steel in damascus?
Save your money and apply towards custom.
I think what Tommieboy is refering to is the Imperial Tai Pan. It is selling at 1SKS for about $1,700.

If I had that kind of money I too would not spend it on CS. I'd go & buy a custom.

If anyone does truly want one of these knifes, they sell for about $700.00 through CS's Secial Projects.

I don't know what the explanation is for the substantial difference in price but it certainly does make you wonder.

As far as CS's prices go, I think that you will find that they are (IMHO) fair and there products (most of them) are very good.

I know that my post clears nothing up for you but I just had to throw in my .02.

--The Raptor--